Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stone-cold confessions

In case you don't know me in real life, I'm going to tell you a little random something about myself:

I eat ice cream almost every stinkin' day.

Calories be darned. Who gives a rip? Not me. I'm just a girl that at the end of the day needs her ice cream.

Normally I prefer it in dish form -- a scoop is the perfect way to end the day, and no judgment if the day was especially rough with the kiddos and I need two scoops. Ha. Weather and time of year also have no affect on my ice cream consumption either. I am just as happy eating it with snow falling outside as I am in the 100+ degree temperatures.

I am normally very much a Blue Bell girl. There are never less than 3 half-gallons taking up space in our freezer, and little ol' me is the main consumer. My seasonal addiction kicks in come November when I start scouring the countryside for every container of peppermint I can get my little hands on. And no, I am not kidding. Two years ago I think I went through 8 or 10 half-gallon containers of it. In mere months. I know I'm not alone in my peppermint-freakdom as these containers have been very hard to find in years' past because they only make so many. That's right, there are other freaks out there like me. And my friends have only helped fuel my sad little addiction, going so far as even buying me the last half-gallon spotted at their local Walmart.

{Problems, have we?}

The rest of the year I prefer good ol' homemade vanilla, while on occasion trying out a new flavor here or there.

But with summer here and kiddos home that I have to share with (no, I don't share very well, I'll admit it), I've been buying more popsicles. And I bought a box of something random the other day that has started a new addiction for me -- Edy's Fruit Bars in Creamy Coconut.

Heaven on a stick.

What's funny is that I hated coconut as a kid. Nasty stuff. The flakiness killed me.

But now?

Heaven, my friends.

Next time you're dragging yourself through the grocery store (anyone else out there loathe that weekly task?) throw a box in your cart. Sharpie marker out the calorie information, sit back and enjoy perfection in a popsicle.

You'll thank me.

And lest you give me a hard time about my ice cream issues, I must point out that my life is void of any other addictions. No coffee or caffeine for me (okay, maybe one pop a month if we're eating out at a pizza joint or Mexican restaurant). And yes, that means this mama of five isn't fueled by coffee or pop -- I put up with these kiddos au naturel! They haven't "driven me to drink" quite yet, chuckle chuckle.

In the meanwhile, I'll be dragging out the Zoku popsicle maker from the basement this week. It's on our summer bucket list to make popsicles, and there are lots of fun recipes pinned to my Zoku board on Pinterest that I'm just itchin' to try...

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