Friday, September 17, 2010

Just checking in...

Another oh-so-exciting Friday night in which my husband and I crash from exhaustion whilst our five-year-old prances around the room with unbelievable exuberance and unending energy, and we pray that bedtime will soon come.


Just keepin' it real, folks. It's been a looooooooooong week.

A looooooooooooong week justifies bullet points for the weary and worn out, so here you go:

*I clocked in 44.5 hours of work this week between my three jobs.

*Next week holds the possibility of anywhere between 34.5 & 48.5 hours.

*This doesn't count the endless hours of any mothering duties. ;)

*My hours included lots of manual labor helping set up the store.

*This meant my feet were downright burning at the end of every work day from standing all day long.

*But I am loving it. Truly. And meeting so many great people.

*Today all of my Anthro-working dreams were fulfilled when I was paid to hand-embroider items (for decoration in store displays) all day long.

*Serious dream come true.

*Which also meant I got to sit instead of stand all day.

*But the sitting was on the very hard wooden floors so I'm not sure it really counts as a victory in that department because my rear was very numb at several points during the day.

*Our old house is finally on the market. Hurrah!

*Our new house is still not fully unpacked. Boo.

*In fact, the TV is still not hooked up. Double-boo. Project Runway on the Internet for me tonight, I guess.

*On the flip side, this means we have gotten a lot accomplished with no boob-tube to plop ourselves down in front of to waste time.

*We got a new mattress, so we were finally able to spend the night on a queen-sized bed after several weeks sharing a full. (This comes after our entire marriage thus far was spent in a giant king-sized bed. So you can imagine there was much rejoicing when the queen mattress arrived.)

*My mom and I were the ones to actually get the box spring up the stairs. It barely made it within about an inch. Thank goodness.

*My little guy enjoyed his second week of all "green faces" on his behavior chart at school. That's always awesome news.

*He also is one sticker away from completely filling up his "30 Nights of Dry Pull-Ups" chart on his wall. When it is filled he gets to pick out a new Star Wars Lego set. Anticipation is high 'round our house. Can he do it? Will tomorrow be the day he and Papa get to go to the store? Very exciting, folks!

But the biggest and best part of this week?

My little guy is learning to read.

As in, SERIOUSLY learning to read!

Sounding out simple three-to-four-letter words, one sound at a time, so excited that it is his new obsession, trying to read every single second of the day.

There are no words to tell you how very excited and proud we are.

A great week, indeed.

(Ah yes, the absence of pictures in my blog posts is duly noted. I will continue to search for my camera cord...)


Jordan Sanders said...

Wow, I'm worn out from reading about your week. I can't imagine how tired you must be! I still haven't watched PR this week, you should have come over for a watch party!

So are you adjusting ok to the smaller bed? Chris and I are thinking of moving to a king size sometime soon. I prefer sleeping at night without someone breathing in my face, hah!

Happy Friday, hope you are able to kick up your feet and relax a little!

Rhonda said...

Yay for learning to read! Isn't it just the best thing to watch?

Happily Ever After said...

Yay for Mr. H!!! We're so proud!!
Hope you get a few minutes to relax this weekend.

mo said...

Phew! I am tired for you! I know exactly what you mean with the reading. I feel like this whole world unlocks for them and it is incredible to watch it unfold.

Pray~and~Wait said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Runway!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Glad everything is starting to come together!!!! Get some rest this weekend!

Baloney said...

My husband always sets the TV up first. Priorities.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow a lot going on. Congrats on living your dream! YAY!!! Oh and it's so cool to find another Out of the Grey fan. They were THE best:)

dobco said...

What a full week...but sounds very rewarding! Congratulations to all you. I am back to reality this week after being on vacation!

cssolomon said...

LoL - sounds like you had a fun filled week - a little exhausted from reading it, so I can't imagine how you feel ;) Hope this week is a lot more relaxing.

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Hi Valerie-- It was SO good to hear from you! Sounds like you are running on all 8 cylinders right now. So you're working at Anthropologie? VERY cool! I must come see you. Interesting story about your house, too. We're getting our house ready for the market as well. Have no idea what we're going to do, but will probably full time in the motorhome until we decide. I miss running into you at the antique shows/flea markets! Keep in touch---

Heather said...

hey! You are such a busy girl! It was fun getting to work with you for a bit at least :) I hope things find a good balance for you. And yay for anthro dream s;)

Mrs. O said...

Glad you are adjusting to your new--even busier--schedule! Welcome to the Mommies on Overtime club (how else can we afford those crazy Ebay splurges?).

I just popped in looking for a new post since with this little critter and the other one I am way behind on my reading! 411 when you update, Supergirl!