Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Top Ten

Here are ten favorite things from 2010. There might be some that I forgot, so don't sue me, which I suppose means this might not really be a "top ten" list but more of a "ten awesome things I could think of at the drop of a hat" list.

Oh goes.

1. My "Little Dresses for Africa" birthday party! To sum it up: I turned 33 (the same age as Jesus) and celebrated in what I thought was a big way, but actually turned into a much-bigger-than-I-dreamed way because we sent off 100 dresses. Picture 100 beautiful African girls all in a new dress. Seriously, the coolest. I'm already brainstorming about what we can do when I turn 34...

2. My little man's Halloween costume: it rocked. Especially if you're from T-Town, I think you'd agree.

3. My husband stayed HOME. We're not talking marital problems, peeps. I mean, he stopped traveling all the gosh-darn time for business. I cannot tell you what a world of difference it makes, having him home every day with us. What a blessing and a luxury in today's day and age, especially for our son. He gets so much quality time with his dad, and I am forever grateful and will never take that for granted.

4. Landing a job with Anthropologie: let's face it -- no matter what, a job is a JOB. (Especially when you are working retail during the holiday season -- not for the faint of heart, I tell ya'.) There are days I might not be crazy excited to go in to work, just like anybody else. But it's a pretty cool gig, and I've truly enjoyed making new friends, being constantly surrounded by inspiration, and of course, ye ole' employee discount. Not gonna lie.

5. Learning how to free-motion quilt: and my world's never been the same since.

6. Modern Quilt Guild: this spring our little city started up its own chapter of this national organization. What fun to make new friends that are all as nerdy as me (haha) and get just as excited to talk about fabric, quilting, patterns, etc. They get me. They really get me.

7. My church pianist gig: it had been 8 years since I was previously a church pianist, but I've been reminded this year how much I truly enjoy it. And I'd be lying if it didn't feel the teensiest bit like getting paid to go to church. Ha! (Don't get your panties in a wad. We'd go anyways. We always have. Just had to throw that one in a for a laugh.)

8. Kindergarten. Whoa. I still am in denial that my kid is no longer in preschool. But really, it's been nothing short of amazing to watch his little brain take off at warp speed. Just in the four months or so since he started, it's crazy how much he has learned. We are really, really proud of our little man.

9. Professional family portraits: it's been several years (at least three of four) since we've had our pictures taken by a professional. Several of my friends are professional photographers, and one of them offered up a deal too good to pass. We're really grateful to have these shots of the three of us, especially before my little man gets any bigger. {Sigh.}

10. Top Secret Family Things that I can't yet speak of, but that have been in the works this year. I'm thankful to walk this crazy journey through life with my husband, and we've really grown even closer this year through some new experiences. Just take my word for it...

Thanks for reading this little ol' blog of mine. It's nice to have a place to pen my thoughts, and I've really enjoyed these cyber-friendships that are a result of people actually reading what I have to say and choosing to like me anyway... ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Mamacita!

Love this new-to-me Christmas classic!

The song is from the 1950's. Unfortunately, according to the video description, this adorable little guy lipsynching in the video and his mama passed away in a car accident a few years ago. What a blessing for the dad to have this darling video to remember him.

I dare you not to get this one stuck in your head. My little Hispanic cutie thinks this is his new favorite video...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, the cuteness...

...that is Harry and Sally.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Glimpses...

...from the scene at my house.

We enjoyed...

*a 19-pound bird
*fun paper squirrel party favors a-la-Martha-Stewart (free printables on her website) filled with hazelnut chocolates
*perfect cold and cloudy weather
*a new cranberry sauce recipe that uses Grand Marnier -- yum!
*parade watching, of course
*a wishbone that wouldn't break, only bend, so my aunt and I both end up with good luck, right?
*a roaring fire in the fireplace
*a little drama with the stupid bird that took FOREVER to finish roasting
*great time with family

How was yours?