Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Glimpses...

...from the scene at my house.

We enjoyed...

*a 19-pound bird
*fun paper squirrel party favors a-la-Martha-Stewart (free printables on her website) filled with hazelnut chocolates
*perfect cold and cloudy weather
*a new cranberry sauce recipe that uses Grand Marnier -- yum!
*parade watching, of course
*a wishbone that wouldn't break, only bend, so my aunt and I both end up with good luck, right?
*a roaring fire in the fireplace
*a little drama with the stupid bird that took FOREVER to finish roasting
*great time with family

How was yours?


Christa said...

Oh... mine was interesting. We had Thanksgiving dinner three times in eight hours. All of the food was wonderful, and a major plus to the whole mess was that I only had to make green bean casserole and bring it to each event. (Green bean casserole for 70!) I did cause a minor revolt with my slightly garlicky homemade mushroom cream sauce, but the overall reviews were good. The relatives were crazy and enjoyable as usual, but THREE dinners? Really? Next year, I have to find a better solution to the one problem of having 78 relatives in town.

Happily Ever After said...

Beautiful! Your holiday decor belongs in a magazine.
It sounds like the perfect day!

Amy said...

We had a good time. Darren always works Thanksgiving morning so we never travel. Rarely is family able to travel to us. But the last couple of years, we have had a great time spending time with other friends who are in the same boat. This year there were 12-14 adults and 14 kids...some teenage, some toddlers; it's nice to have good friends.

Baloney said...

I wanted to do something at everyone's place (was going to have Jacob make them) but I just ran out of time. :)

@nnie said...

totally FAB!!!!