Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hypnotized and Mesmerized this song.

Holy beautiful.

If there is any song that could encapsulate my feelings right now about life and how fast it flies through our fingers and how much I love my beautiful boy and wish he could stay little forever,


Oh, how this is that song.

Lately I've been feeling so much nostalgia and bittersweet feelings about how quickly that little man of mine is growing. Kindergarten is in full swing, he's learning to read, and a few tears fell the other day when I was folding the laundry and noticed one of his little shirts with a "size 7" tag in it. How could he be growing up so fast? There isn't enough time in the world for me and little him. I even made it a point to burn the memory in my mind this morning of walking hand-in-hand with him down the leaf-covered sidewalk to the front door of the school when I dropped him off. Of knowing that he might not always want to walk hand-in-hand with me in public, kiss my goodbye in plain view of his friends, be so little with his giant backpack strapped on. Oh, how I wish I could freeze these moments in time.

Read these gorgeous lyrics while you listen to the video:


Mindy Gledhill
© 2010 Blue Morph Music (BMI)

Little boy, when you speak
I can't help but kiss your cheeks
I love the way you grab my hands
And tell me all about your plans

Rocket high, comets fly
You and I could take a ride
And fly away to Neverland
And give our best to Peter Pan

When you reach for the stars
Don't forget who you are
And please don't turn around and grow up way too fast
See the sand in my grasp
From the first to the last
Every grain becomes a memory of the past
Oh, life's an hourglass
Life's an hourglass

Stories read, prayer is said
Close your eyes sleepyhead
While angels linger in your dreams
And hold you in their feathered wings
Just like you, I was small
Not that long ago at all
I wish you all the happiness
That God gives freely if you ask


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Lisa said...

aww...that was truly beautiful right there with you in the deep "in love" with my boys.