Monday, February 7, 2011

Unanswered Questions

And the Snowmageddon Saga continues...

Will we ever receive any mail?
(Our last delivery day was Monday of last week. Any catalogs/magazines would've been greatly treasured and appreciated during our incarceration last week. The fabric I had ordered would've been lovely as well. But bless our postman's heart, our street is still not fit for a little mail truck to come around.)

Will I ever be able to get the trashcans to the curb?
(The trashmen finally came back this morning after a week of no trash pick-up, but alas, we were unable to get our trashcans down the ski slopes we previously called our driveway.)

Speaking of said curb, where is it? Will we ever see the curb again?

Did we accidentally move back to Minnesota without me realizing it?
(These below-zero temperatures are unheard of for Oklahoma. Before long we'll all be starting to speak the phrases "yah sure, you betcha", taking "hot dishes" to pot-luck dinners, and school being out of session for the fifth consecutive day will be a thing of the past.)

Will my kid finish out his year in kindergarten?
(I kid, I kid, but seriously, on this fifth consecutive day of no school AND the forecast this week for an additional 5-10" of fluffy white doom, well, it does make you wonder...)

Will my convertible ever cruise the streets again?

Will I ever get to wear cute shoes again?

Will this mama and five-year-old son come out victorious or will they eat each other alive in the House of Fluffy White Doom?

Stay tuned, my friends, for these highly anticipated answers to life's most difficult questions...


Lisa said...

haha ....yes I want to know those same things!! I am waiting on quilt batting and fabric...and yes magazines are good too. i had steve get me one on the many wal mart runs!

our mailman ran on saturday and put the mail in our open mailbox that was full of there ya go :)

~Michelle~ said...

Can you set a calendar reminder for yourself in the midst of what will probably be a sweltering July or August to refer back to this post? ;) Actually, the no mail thing is no fun! And if the kiddo doesn't get back to school, won't they have to tack on days at the end of the year to make up for it? That's no fun either!

elizabeth winsby said...

you are so funny!! My kids did have school today and they were so excited to see their friends again!!

Angie said...

Will we go to school in July?
We did start getting mail on Saturday, thank goodness. This is ridiculous!

@nnie said...

thank you for asking the questions we all want to know the answers to. I am getting worried my kids may have to repeat first and fourth grade if we don't get back in school here soon! The trash! Oh my, I don't even want to think of what's decomposing in those bags. The undelivered mail! I, like you, need answers to my questions!

Country Dreaming said...

Good Luck with all this.
My sister-in-law and fam live in Edmond and she is R E A L L Y
tired of it!

Keep us posted.