Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An ESCAPE (er, I mean "little getaway")

Becoming a mom virtually overnight of three rowdy young lads has plum wore me out. Thank goodness I already had a trip planned for last weekend to take a little overnight trip with my mom and sister-in-law to Dallas. And since my sister-in-law is a mom of three young boys as well, you can imagine the excitement between the two of us!

Friday afternoon we stopped at one of my favorite haunts, Cloverleaf Boutique, on the way down. So much fun stuff for sale there -- if you've never stopped, it's right off I-35 in Ardmore, Oklahoma (between OKC and Dallas) and well worth a little break from driving. Friday night we dined at Blue Mesa (hello, delicious adobe pie!) and then I took my sister-in-law on her first-ever trip to IKEA. Our hotel was fantastic -- we stayed at the Westin Stonebriar in Frisco (on the north side of Dallas) -- thank you Priceline for a great deal. Oh how I love me a "heavenly bed"! Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at La Madeleine (why don't we have those in Oklahoma???), and then we all headed down to the Dallas Arboretum. The whole time I lived in Dallas I had never been there, and once I saw how beautiful it was, I was kicking myself for missing out while I was a Texas resident. Finally, we topped off our trip with a little stop at Northpark Mall in Dallas on the way out, eating our second meal of the day at the La Madeleine there as well. What can I say? We LOVE La Madeleine.

I haven't yet figured out this "smartphone pics to Flickr to blog thing" where I can post my phone pics on the blog, so for now, you can click on the slideshow to see pics of our fun (and fast) little trip.


~Michelle~ said...

glad you were able to get away for some fun, chica! Ardmore, OK has the drive-thru zoo, right? See...I've been in your neck of the woods!

katie said...

Val! LA MADELEINE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my FAV!!!!!!! You introduced me to Strawberries Romanoff there! Yummmmmm!!!!! Sounds like you had a blast. Next trip... take me with you. :) I wish I could see the pics, but they aren't showing up. :(

Lindsay said...

We had a La Madeline when I lived in MD, and I LOVED it. Ate there all the time. Delish tomato soup. So wish we would get one here!

Kristin Ann said...

Sounds like a wonderful well deserved trip. I LOVE your restaurant picks! Those are two of my favorites! :)