Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas-ing it up!

We've been Christmas-ing it up 'round these parts.

Watched "Holiday Inn". Oh, how I would love to be Linda Mason, my favorite little character...

Slept in this morning - 'til 10am! I haven't done that in FOREVER! And bonus: the boy slept in that long as well!

Made marshmallows, batch after batch after batch. (And I'm sure we'll be making a few more batches before the year is over.) Speaking of, you MUST go over to my buddy Courtney's and read her harrowing tale of marshmallow-making. Hilarious. Seriously.

Rode the Christmas Train. It's refreshing to know there are still places in the world that have the right focus for Christmastime.

Watching "Home Alone" tonight, then "Four Christmases" after the boy goes to bed.

And a little bit of sewing has been going on as well!

I whipped up two sets of pajamas for my boy. Every year I try and find him new Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve, but this year is a little bit harder as he is now between departments -- no longer the adorable toddler department, barely the bigger boys' department, which definitely doesn't have the cuteness factor going on. Everything in there seems to be skateboard or skull-themed, and I'm not ready for all of that quite yet. So I bought flannel uber-cheap at Joann's one day, and finally got around to sewing up two sets yesterday and today. I'm not an apparel sewer, so I was a bit nervous and bought a pattern, but I had no reason to be nervous. Two pieces, that's it. Easy peasy! I even went above and beyond, thankyouverymuch, and finished off all of the seams with a zigzag stitch (since I don't have a serger), and reinforced most seams, and added a ribbon "tag" at the back of both pairs of pants so my little guy would know which side was the front. Go, Mama!

Now that I know how easy they are to whip up (pajama pants, that is), my family might be sporting matchy-matchy goodness every Christmas Eve (starting next year, that is). For the tops I just bought el cheapo t-shirts from the boys' department at Wal-Mart and appliqued on some scraps of leftover fabric. The t-shirts are unbelievably soft for $3.50 each. Can't beat that with a stick.

Here's hoping they don't shrink so bad in the wash, since I didn't preshrink my flannel before I started. This pair will be the Christmas Eve pair for tomorrow night:

And then I made a second pair just for fun. The whale/polar bear print reminded me of some old school Banana Republic t-shirts my brother rocked back in the day...

I figure when they start to look like highwaters on him, I can just cut them off and make them into shorts to make them wear longer.

And now we are just waiting and wishing and hoping for a White Christmas. In Oklahoma, this is considered to be very much a RARITY, but we just might get our wish. So far, the predictions are for 4-9" tomorrow afternoon and evening, which would turn our little corner of the world into a perfect winter wonderland just in time for the big day. Wish us luck!


~Michelle~ said...

I read the marshmellow story, pretty funny... that's not even something I would think about attempting, so now I'm jealous of all the peeps that get their marsh on courtesy of you! :) Have a great holiday chicky

Alexis said...

Such cute PJ's! Happy Holidays!

Country Dreaming said...

Cute PJ's!

Merry Christmas!


Amy said...

LOVE the PJ's! Too cute!

Merry Christmas!