Sunday, January 3, 2010



I've never been one for space exploration, but I'd gladly climb aboard a spaceship if it would whisk me off to those unbelievably gorgeous glowing gardens.

Finally getting to see this movie was quite the challenge, however.

My mom offered to babysit so the husband and I could go to see it this past week. We went on a weekday, planning on going to the 11am showing at our local IMAX (IMAX 3-D is the only way to go, baby). Me, being the nerdy nerd nerd that I am, made my husband agree to showing up at least 30 minutes early. He is the one to show up 10 minutes after a show starts and walk in, no problem. Me, the nerdy nerd nerd, always wants to get there early, get the perfect seat, and relax knowing I don't have to fight the masses. (And if I knew it wouldn't have been a fight, I would have pushed him to get there more like an hour early.)

Sure enough, we got there and it was SOLD OUT. Say what?!

My husband was furious -- it's not too often we get free babysitting (especially for how long this movie is), and he didn't want to drive back home without seeing a movie. So we bought tickets to the next showing of Sherlock Holmes and saw it instead. It was our other must-see-movie for the holiday break, so it worked out. Good flick, too.

Two days later we tried it all again, thanks in part to my mom for offering to keep the boy again! This time I my husband drove out there the night before and purchased the tickets, just to be on the safe side. We got up early, whisked the boy off to the grandma yet again, and drove out to the theater, this time arriving 45 minutes early.

You can imagine our horror when we pulled up (at 10:15 in the morning, mind you, on a weekday) to see a line of people out the door and around the building. "Run!!!!" I screamed, as my husband leapt out of our moving car and left me to park the car. Seriously, there were probably between 50 and 100 people in the line already. I mean, here we missed out the first time, bought our tickets the night before, arrived crazy early just to be on the safe side, and what??!! I had visions flashing before my eyes of getting in there with our pre-purchased tickets to be seated in the last two spots on the front row, horror of horrors.

Relief washed over our faces when we got inside and saw the line had now reformed in front of the ticket kiosk. Those people hadn't learned the lesson we had learned a few days before. We waltzed in with our tickets already in hand, grabbed the perfect seats, and chatted for a good 45 minutes before the almost 3-hour-long movie started.

But seriously, it was awesome. And this time my husband didn't complain about my nerdy-nerd-nerd-ness one bit.

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