Friday, January 29, 2010

Servin' up some love.

(image via Flickr)

If you love your family...

I mean, if you really love your family...

and not just really love them, but really really love them...

then you will make them these cinnamon rolls.


1 bag Rhodes frozen cinnamon rolls (12-count)
1 stick butter
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup vanilla ice cream (ya'll know me, I only use the best, and the best is Bluebell Homemade Vanilla)

Place cinnamon rolls in a pan. (I lightly sprayed my pan first with non-stick spray, just in case.) In a saucepan, combine sugars, butter, and ice cream. Stir constantly and bring to a boil for about a minute. Drizzle over frozen cinnamon rolls. Put pan of cinnamon rolls with drizzle in oven to rise overnight (at least 6-7 hours). Leave pan in oven while it is preheating to 350 degrees. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes (mine is a convection oven and cooks faster, so I think I maybe only needed about 20 minutes. Watch them and if they start to brown too much on top, you can drape foil loosely over them for the last few minutes. That's what I did, at least.) Use the icing that comes with the cinnamon rolls as you wish. (Translation: slather it on, baby!)

I cannot take credit for this recipe. This past Sunday, one of our newlywed couples brought two pans full of these to our class. One bite, and I was for sure Jesus was gonna walk through that door and whisk me up to Beulah-land.

Let me tell you something else -- I am a Pillsbury snob. I was born and raised on those cans of delicious goodness, and I don't care if you waltz by with your tray full of Cinnabon whatevers, I only like Pillsbury. Blame it on my mom.

But these? Oh my heavens, I am totally in love with these.

Now to be fair to the ol' waistline, these are yer' more fancy-schmancy cinnamon rolls, for special occasions and such, you know, like snow days! And definitely only for days you've got extra time on your hands to have a date with the treadmill. Pillsbury will always be my go-to roll of choice for most days, especially regular ol' weekends and the like. But to knock the socks off my friends and family? No question about it. These are the rolls you'd be serving up if Jesus was gonna be joining you for breakfast. My little newlywed friends are geniuses, geniuses, I tell you!

You can thank me later.


~Michelle~ said...

I used to jones for the pillsbury cinnamon rolls, but discovered the Albertsons brand was better! (even my snobby name-brand only husband is convinced) especially cooked in the convection microwave... I will have to looky for the frozen ones though :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Bluebell ice-cream.

The Busters said...

Sounds delish! Did you read the recipe in the PW cookbook for cinnamon rolls? I have been tempted to make those. Hope the power is staying on!!

Country Dreaming said...

Now take 6 and cut up into small pieces set aside. Mix two sliced apples with cinnamon, sugar and crushed graham crackers.Place on the cut up rolls and bake as the package states. Oh yum!


Amy said...

I think I will have to try this. I love trying new things and is there anything better than hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

Hope you're having fun sledding! It's been so nice running in to you at the Antiques Shows!

@nnie said...

Hey Valerie,
thanks for sharing the goodness. my family will be quite pleased, I'm sure. I'll give you all the credit. :-) Thanks for your kind words about our doggie... I thought he was knocking on doggie heaven's door, but instead is doing much better!

Pray~and~Wait said...

I CANNOT WAIT to make these!!!! They sound FABULOUS!!!!!