Friday, April 16, 2010

New tunes.

I'm not too proud to admit that I was a big fan of Jason Castro on American Idol. His new CD just came out this week, so here you go.

I really like this song. Apparently it was featured on Jason and Molly's big Bachelor wedding, but I'm not gonna hold that against it. Ha.

And I just noticed today on iTunes that there is a new band -- the Court Yard Hounds -- made up of two of the Dixie Chicks.

Hmmm. Interesting. I used to be a big Dixie Chicks fan, at least until they could no longer keep their traps shut and went all disrespectful to the President. I wasn't down with that, nosirree. You can have all the opinions you want, and heck, they can even be different from my opinions (shocker, I know), but being downright ugly and disrespectful to the President? Yep, not cool in my book. Their mamas should've taught them better.

Anyway, since that fiasco I haven't been such a fan, which is a shame since they always put out some pretty decent tunes. So, of course, I'm intrigued by this, especially since they'll be minus their most outspoken (and obnoxious) member...

I'll be sure and let you know what I think when the album releases.


Nancy said...

with a little bit of help he could go Country..! lol

I do still like "Earl"... such a funny song... but I agree with you and stopped playing their CD's after that incident...

Anonymous said...

Okay...I like Jason too...he has a unique sound and sings songs that you can actually understand. I have to admit I did see him on the Bachelor wedding. I am a bit addicted to reality now you know!

Dixie Chicks Fan said...

She said she was ashamed of the President, which in retrospect, she was completely and absolutely correct about.

Regardless, she is allowed to voice an opinion, but I don't see why people took it so seriously that they quit listening to the music?

So she didn't like Bush, I didn't either. He was a terrible President.

Why is voicing that considered treasonous? Shouldn't the President, of all people, be questioned?

And Natalie's comment was such an innocuous comment anyway. People were, and are, saying much worse about those who are serving as President.

Was she obnoxious BEFORE she voiced her opinion, or is she only obnoxious BECAUSE she voiced her opinion?

Give Natalie a chance and watch Shut up and Sing. At least give Natalie, and Martie and Emily, a chance to tell their side of the story.

I bet you will feel different about Natalie.

Loving the Chicks since 1998,

Dixie Chicks Fan