Monday, April 26, 2010

Wishin' and hopin'

...that I will be the lucky duck picked to join Serena as her special guest for this! She's going to pick one lucky blogger (or Tweeter, Twitterer, whatever you call it) to be her guest on set-up day and at the special vendor night before her big famous show. Seriously, I would just keel over from the excitement!

You'd better bet your bottom dollar that I would gladly fly out to beautiful Washington to be a part of The Farm Chicks Show! Oooh, I'm crossing everything I've got, hopin' I get picked!


Pray~and~Wait said...

Oh...that would be SUPER fun!!!!! :) I absolutely LOVE my cookbook that you gave me as a wedding gift!!!! I've been using it alot!!!!! YUM!!!! Keep us all posted!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

heck yeah!!
Ps--email me your email addy! I want to write you!! ;)

Lindsay said...

How fun! I bet that is a great antique show. Good luck! I must get their cookbook :)

kara said...

Ooooo, that would be fun! I just emailed my mom and sister-in-law about the show. Boise to Spokane isn't that far....!