Monday, May 16, 2011

G'morning, poppies.

G'morning, poppies. by valerie_fischer02
G'morning, poppies., a photo by valerie_fischer02 on Flickr.

I am bound and determined that this will be the summer my "black thumb" is no more. For several weeks now I've been purchasing plants, repotting plants, watering plants, talking to plants, etc., in the hopes that they might actually survive the summer. I haven't had too much luck with plants in the past, but dangit, this year will be different!

And boy howdy, do I ever love my poppies. I still need to repot them, but I've been babying them in the meanwhile, and I think they might stick around...

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cssolomon said...

GO Valerie! You work that green thumb! Show it who's boss!