Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This next quilt was made back in February for a darling baby girl. This baby girl has some ultra cool parents, so I was a little extra picky about the fabric for this one. Once I spotted the Hideaway line by Lauren + Jessi Jung, I was sold. Alpine chalets, tiny towns, little forests, and cuckoo clocks? Yes, please!

*click on each image for a closer look*

I basically made a strip quilt (easy peasy and a great way to showcase fabrics), but I added a little panache to this one. I got all fancy-pants and quilted the baby's name on there! I'm not gonna lie -- I was proud as a peacock that it turned out so well.

The two printed fabrics were from the Hideaway line, and the light brown printed fabric and the pink solid were both found at my local JoAnn's. The brown print is a sweet old-fashioned sort of print that I felt helped tone down the brightness of the Hideaway prints. The pink is not normally a choice I would purchase as it is kind of a "country pink", kind of mauve-ish, but it matched the Hideaway prints perfectly while also blending well with the light brown print.

And not to worry, I still have enough fabric to make another one to keep...;)


Lisa said...

that's a really cute one! Great job with the quilting! I love that fabric line and am making one with charms now.

~Michelle~ said...

Aren't you a little quilty minx? I put my own name on my quilt I quilted on the long-arm - does that make me a narcissist? :-p

Country Dreaming said...

Super cute! Great job! I bet thye loved it.


Rhonda said...

Oh, I always love all of your quilts so so so much! They are so awesome, and I am jealous. (Of both your quilting prowess and those receiving the awesomeness.)

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

It's fabulous!!