Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday: Laundry Day

Monday is Laundry Day at my house.

*Beautiful image from here. Don't you just love this laundry room?

So far today, I've cranked out 4 loads (washed, folded, and put away, thankyouverymuch), and I think I've got 3 or 4 more to go.

I've learned a lot over the years (and over the last few months since we gained two family members), and here are some tips that work for me.

*I stand at the dryer and fold the clothes immediately as I pull each item out of the dryer. Otherwise, clean piles of laundry would inevitably sit around my house. I do not allow myself to take the whole pile of warm clothes out because I don't trust myself they will get folded in a timely manner and actually put away!

*I rip my dryer sheets in half. My clothes are just as soft and static-free and nice-smelling as they were when I used a whole sheet per load.

*The boys now sort their clothes for me into three piles: whites, mediums, and darks. They are expected to turn everything right-side out and empty all pockets, otherwise any money I find I keep (since I wouldn't be able to determine whose money it was). They also each have an embroidered towel with their name on it that they use all week. On Laundry Day, the towels go into the wash with the rest of their clothes. It has saved at least one load of towels for me a week. For now I still wash, fold and put away all of their clothes. When they've "helped" in that department, I've had to go back and re-do what they've done, so we might wait another few months before we attempt it again.

I've still got plenty of room for improvement though. I need to clean and spruce up my laundry room (maybe this week?), and I would like to start making my own "green" laundry detergent to use. And I'm sorry to admit this, but laundry does not include doing the ironing, which I am dreadful at. My great-grandmother, who ironed absolutely everything, would be sorely disappointed. But my confession is this: out of all the household chores, I actually love doing the laundry.

Is Monday Laundry Day for you? Got any tips you can throw my way?


Country Dreaming said...

Laundry just happens at our house. I am not a laundry fan. I love clean clothes but I don't find this aspect of housekeeping theraputic. Maybe if my laundry room looked like the one in you post, I'd like it better.
No tips. Sorry.

Mercy is a cutie! Glad she found a good home.


~Michelle~ said...

Any tips for getting husbands to empty their pockets??? I found 3 screws in the dryer last week - screws, not bolts!!! I can't believe all of the clothes seem to be intact...

Lisa said...

i just used a fabric's the way to go...monday seems to be my laundry day grandma would then spend all Tuesday ironing.

Rhonda said...

Laundry day is whatever day I notice one of us is out of undies! (Sad, but true.)

My tip: don't let a pen go through the cycle. Obvious, right? Well...apparently not, as this has happened no less than eight times.

And without blaming anyone, I will just say that I leave MY pens on my classroom desk, NOT in my pockets. Ahem.

Christa said...

We keep three baskets on top of our washer and dryer. Darks, whites, and towels. When a basket it full, it gets tossed in the washer and then switched over. Typically, I do three loads twice a week or so. In my bedroom, there are three bins and another basket. The basket gets the not-clothes. There is one bin for each boy. All laundry gets dumped on my bed and sorted into these bins. My clothes and my husband's are laid out on the bed.

The boys help in the starting a load and switching it over, and by gathering dirty and getting it in the baskets. We are working on how to put it all away.

cssolomon said...

I WANT that laundry room...I would just hang out in there. I attempt to organize ours with baskets, but the clothes never end up in the right basket...or the basket at all, lol.