Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How did I miss this????

I don't have an official "bucket list" for my life, but in my head there is a running list of things that I've always wanted to see, experience, etc. You know, things like traveling to far-off places, seeing interesting things, etc. Does anyone else do that?

I checked the weather this morning on our local station's website, and lo and behold there were NORTHERN LIGHTS visible in our neck of the woods last night.

And I missed it.

Folks, I've lived up in the cold, cold north and never saw them there either.


Cross your fingers for me that this happens again and I might get a glimpse of the beauty someday...

*image from here


sacha said...

i know. i am p.o.'d. i went outside last night, stood in the yard a few, and didn't see a thang. those lights are keeping me from enlightenment.

~Michelle~ said...

DARN IT! That is complete crazy times that the lights could be seen in OK. I looked so hard out my window when I flew up to Alaska (at night) and nada.

Angie said...

We saw them a lot in Alaska, but would always love to seem them again. I can't believe that I missed them in OK! I had no idea to even try to look.

Country Dreaming said...

We missed it too. :(


mo said...

Oh my goodness! I just went through and read all about your adoption adventure! I have not been good about reading blogs lately and I missed this! Congratulations! What a wonderful story- you are all so lucky to have been brought together! One tip for you- at Sears if you "blow out (the knees!) before you grow out" they will replace the pants. Plus they have Lands End and once I started buying that brand we rarely had torn knees. Good luck with that- I feel your pain! Your new dog is just a sweetheart too. You certainly have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!