Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keep it classy.

Other than this, you will probably NEVER find me posting about Lady Gaga, or as I personally like to refer to her, Lady Gag-Me-With-a-Spoon. It's no secret, I'm not a big fan. I think she's talented, yes, but unfortunately I think she has used her talent in all the wrong ways, and I'm not crazy about the influence she seems to have on the kiddie set.


There is always an exception.

Like this ADORABLE video. Tony Bennett + Lady Gaga = fantastico.

Lady Gaga actually keeps it classy! And we all know, that yes, unlike Madonna, the gal can croon.

So enjoy.

And please, pretty please, Lady Gaga, put out some more o' this and a little bit less o' that...


cssolomon said...

I completely agree! I always thought Lady Gaga could sing...she has great range and she plays the piano - I think sometimes all the theatrics can hide her talent though. I love Tony Bennett duets - they make me happy :)

~Michelle~ said...

I can't decide if I like Gaga or not... but yes, the girl CAN sing. And she generally performs live, if I'm remembering correctly - and that's almost a lost art these days.

Angie said...

Really nice, Valerie.

Rhonda said...

I can't remember her real name, but there are some videos of her singing from back before she developed the Lady Gaga personality, and she is amazing. However, it's hard to see through all those layers of weird looks and strange lyrics now. Sad thing.