Friday, July 24, 2009

Is it Friday yet? It is?


That was the word of the day, in case you were wondering. Or maybe the secret word, that only my four-year-old knew, and I apparently wasn't supposed to find out, like on Pee-wee's Playhouse.

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Now I'm really dating myself. Well, dating myself and outing myself as a weirdo, since I used to love watching Pee-wee's Playhouse. Especially that episode where they showed all the funny things you can do with a pair of giant underwear.

I digress. (And I'll try not to act surprised when I notice my readership numbers go down later this evening.)

Anyway, the word of the day was "naughty". My son just could not pull it together. It started off with him full-out peeing his pants (and shoes, holy gross) in the living room. Or should I say, peeing a huge puddle on the floor. (Thank God for wood flooring.) Which, of course, I didn't discover until I laid out my beautiful quilt top on the floor to measure it so I could buy fabric to add borders. Thankfully the quilt corner is the only part that barely touched the pee, but still. What in the world?! He is not a potty accident-prone kid. Today he "just forgot". Nice.

Then we had to run some errands. Our first stop started with a nice little tantrum (which ended rather quickly, thank you). The second stop he sat in many different time out spots and corners. The third stop he lost his privilege of having a sucker. The fourth stop he lost his privilege of TV for the day. The most irritating part of all of this disobedience was his reactions after I would threaten the pieces out of him. He would either make kissing sounds at me, blow kisses at me, or wink at me, in an attempt, I would guess, to shut me up! Grrrrr. After his naptime, he proudly looked at me and said, "Hey Mama! You didn't see me get out of bed and find my toys!". Apparently he hasn't quite yet mastered the art of sneaking behind my back and not outright confessing things. That's good, I guess. When I went to check his bed, I found his nightlight. In three pieces. So he lost his privilege of having a light on in his room tonight. We'll see how much fun that is for us tonight. Throw in a whole lot of him not listening, me having to repeat myself over and over, and lots of talking back and disrespectful attitudes toward Mama, and you have our day.

I must add that I have a small inkling of why the behavior was especially naughty today. This week was a big week for us. On Monday, I caved in to peer pressure, and we joined the cousins on a trip to our local water park.

Public water park = not exactly high on my list of fun things to do, but I know that my boy was overjoyed to be there, and we had a grand time with the cousins. And then last night our little caravan drove up to another small city/big town almost an hour away and spent several hours at a Kiddie Park full of tiny amusement park rides.

Heaven for any little kid, I tell ya'. Complete with cotton candy, pop, popcorn, staying up super late, and squealing his heart out on all of the (25-cent) rides. So I am sure that the reality of today (boring errands, etc.) was a big ol' letdown for him after such a fun and exciting week of new adventures.

But there were some funny spots today, too. In the quilt shop, after having his life threatened away for the umpteenth time, he was sweet as pie and had the two sales ladies completely suckered with his politeness. "Scyooooooze me, wadies. Fank you for wetting me pway wif the toys. Welcome a meet ya'!" (his form of "nice to meet you"). Oh yeah, like melted buttah, straight outta his cute little mouth, followed by his trademark dimples and little eyelashes batting at them. I, for one, was not swayed by his smooth-talking. I'm sure they thought I was the Wicked Witch of the West. Ha.

During his solitary confinement, er, I mean, naptime, there was some very lovely singing coming from his room, with lyrics including, "I wuuuuuuuuuuuuv you, Mama, sooooooooooo much", "Don't be mad, don't be sad, I wike to rhyme", "God wants you be happy wif me", and "You my favowite Mama, please wet me out", among others. Ah yes, laughter makes everything better.

Although it was one of those days where nothing seemed to end up the way I planned, I did have a fun little surprise of a purchase -- Holly Hobbie fabric! Surprise! I bought myself more fabric that I don't need! Hooray!

We'll just call it therapy, okay?

But seriously, there was no way I was going to leave it in there for someone else to pounce on. I'm sure that years down the road, er, I mean soon, of course, I will make a cute little quilt for myself, er, I mean for someone else, of course, out of it.

And before I forget, my offering for today's Vintage Photo Friday (click on it to see it in better detail):

Quite a honey of a little picture, don'tcha think? That little feisty grandmother of mine (again, on my dad's side) left me quite a few little picture surprises. I love the fur coat (which, ahem, didn't apparently stick around long enough to be passed down to me), the Beech-Nut sign, and the obvious friendship between her and "Thelma", whoever that was. I'm thinking they could've passed for a Thelma and Louise back in the day, no problemo. This picture was most likely taken sometime in the 1920's.


~Michelle~ said...

think you may need to change his name to Pee Wee if he keeps pulling those "I forgot" shenanigans... even if you are "wuvved", quilts don't appreciate pee...

for the record, I lvoed that show too, and am only slightly horrified by Paul Rueben's real-life behavior...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a Murphy kind of day. I can laugh because I am on the other side of motherhood! But there is nothing like a child to make you smile and thankful...especially after a "Heavy" last few days!