Friday, March 5, 2010


I read a lot of blogs.

A lot.

Of blogs.

If I told you how many are in my Google Reader, well, let's just say you might give me a hard time about it.

Moving on.

One of my favorite photography blogs I read is Tara's. I've read it for a couple of years, and she never fails to inspire with her amazing photography and storytelling. In fact, back before I was truly sucked into the blogging world and only read a few blogs, I got the idea from her site to hang a chandelier in a tree for the background of our family photo one year.

Oh, you can imagine the strange looks we got, but thankfully my good photographer friend was up for the nutty idea, and it ended up being one of my favorite photos.

Anyway, like I said, she pretty much always has such cool things to blog, and this week, she put up a post that had me falling out of my chair.

Coolest photo shoot ever.

Two friends decided they needed photos taken to celebrate their amazing friendship.

Amazing it must be, because when you see the pictures, you will be so jealous. The photos had me feeling all sentimental/nostalgic/warm and fuzzy, not just for their sheer beauty, but also because they made me think of the amazing friendships God has blessed me with in my own life. From the best friend I shared a necklace with in elementary school (I had the "stends" part, she had the "befri") to the women that have walked through many a life experience with me in recent years -- all of the women whose friendships have been woven into my own journey of life so far. And not just the ones in real life, but even the friends I have made via this crazy little world we call the Internet -- I'm grateful for every one of you as well.

So who wants to put on fun pink frocks with me and get our pictures taken? Or heck, matching Converse?




Karen said...

Me. I want to. Why is it that you live so very far away from me?
Those dresses are so cute. They reminded me that Target has some really cute spring dresses and I plan on wearing many this spring and summer. I told my kid and she thinks i'm crazy. well, I'll show her crazy.

Anonymous said...

I love your new look! I wish I could figure out how to use this cutesy stuff. Just can't figure it out!

Thyen Party of Four said...

Aw - I love her photography - she grasps the moment at it's most real point - it actually brought tears to my eyes - because she showed the connection between the two friends - and that made me think of my buddies :) I'd take a crazy picture with you any day - do you want the plains of Oklahoma - or the shores of Maine!? :)

(and - we still have your 'crazy' chandelier photo up - :) )

katie said...

Those pics are so cute, Val! :) Gotta love girlfriends!

amy smart said...

Wow. Thanks for the intro to Tara's photos. WOW. (again.) I have some serious photo-skills envy.

Thanks for saying HI and sharing the Brigadoon love. :)

Baloney said...

Um... I will go to the beach with you and wear a frock but I draw the line at touching foreheads. :)

tag's team said...

Sign me up, girlfriend. Sorry I didn't get to say hi tonight!

sacha said...

yes, please.

amylouwho said...

fun! I am always amazed at the awesome friends I have made through my blog! you, karen, and amy smart included!!