Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I {heart} Gungor.

Tonight I went to one of the COOLEST concerts I've ever been to, let alone the fact that it was a Christian music concert.

Thank goodness for blogs, specifically Shannon's awesome photography blog (otherwise I would have never known about this band). Thanks, Shannon!

And thank goodness for the fact that I was very spontaneous the day I read about these guys and went ahead and bought two tickets.


I am a FAN.

And you know me, I am not usually a big fan o' Christian music.

Too cheesy.

Too much in a bubble for me usually.

But Michael Gungor and his posse?

They've got it down.

Real good.

I can only describe this concert as this:

a little bit of

Pink Martini (you know, one of my most favorite bands evah) with their mini-orchestra thing they've got going on

cross it with

a little bit of Sting and his cool factor and smooth voice and jazz thrown in here and there for good measure

and mix it up with

maybe a little Cirque du Soleil as far as the cool orchestrations and harmonies that sound kind of like the coolest movie soundtrack music you've ever heard

and maybe spin in some

Sigor Ros or Sufjan Stevens

and blanket it in

ANTHROPOLOGIE, and no I am not kidding, the girls in the band (stringed instrument players and vocalists) looked like they walked straight out of an Anthro catalog

and a sprinkling of

poetry and multimedia video going on in the background

and a whole lot of awesome lyrics all about


and well, you had the concert.

Unfortunately I didn't get to stay for the whole thing. My mom ended up going with me due to the fact that my husband needed to finish up an important contract he was working on (she was supposed to be the babysitter), and since it was a bit on the loud side for her, we scooted out after about an hour and a half.

But seriously, I could've sat there for days.

So so so cool.

So cool.

Check 'em out for yourself. This first video very much describes what we experienced tonight.

And this video is clever and makes me smile:

And then go support them on iTunes. You won't be sorry.

In fact, you'll just be saying how grateful you are to read this quirky little blog o' mine because where else would you find out such amazingly random stuff?

You're welcome.

Did I mention how stinkin' cool it was?


I'll shut up now.


31 everything said...

OMG!!! I now "heart" them too! I got their station on Pandora because of your post & when I find a song I LOVE I'm getting it on iTunes. Thank you for sharing! I'm SO hooked now. I love the gun turned into an ice cream cone in the 2nd video! LOL! I love their love for God - just beautiful. Makes me smile too :) Again: THANK YOU!

31 everything said...

BTW, I super like your blog facelift... so girly & sweet & fun :)

Shannon said...

I am so glad that you fell in love with Gungor and it is so sweet to see what your thoughts are on their hearts and their talent. They are old old friends of ours and every song that you hear is nothing but a true reflection of who they are and the love that they really do have for God.