Monday, March 1, 2010

"Glee" on TOUR?????

Are you kidding me?

{Sigh.} This is one of those times I lived in a big city. Those tickets are gold!


~Michelle~ said...

One more reason to visit LA, lol! Not sure if any of my peeps out here would be dying to go w/me - my Gleek peeps are located elsewhere! And I didn't see Matt Morrison on the list to perform - he's so stud, he prolly already lined up some broadway gig to fill up his non-Mr. Schu time.

BTW - my word verification is "quitive" - does that mean you're only wishy-washy about quitting??

BTW#2 - your PTQB block is in the mail and I added in a couple of extra fabrics :)

Mrs. Meryhew said...

Man, that would have been amazing to go and see! Don't they know how many fans they have in Tulsa, Ok? We should road trip to one of the location!

The Busters said...

They should go to more cities!!!
Hmmmm.... maybe a road trip to Chicago is in order. :)

Karen said...