Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Revving up...

So far this year I:

*organized the clothes in my closet

*did five bazillion loads of laundry...or maybe actually eight

*finished putting away the last Christmas decoration stragglers that had been overlooked

*vaccuumed all the pet hair off the red velvet sofa, a job all by itself

*drank a lot more water than I normally do -- trying to kick my chronic dehydration to the curb

*laughed at my little shadow -- Sally, the cat -- who follows me EVERYWHERE

*enjoyed my monthly Starbucks date with my gal pals

*worked on planning a possible little family vacation next month

*ate a delicious cheeseburger from one of my family's favorite haunts in NW Tulsa - Ted's

*took my kid to school two days in a row and picked him up as well, quite the luxury since I worked so much this past holiday season and rarely got to do that

*deleted masses of emails to clean out my inbox

*did some housekeeping on Facebook as well and dropped a few friends that weren't really friends but more acquaintances

*cooked dinner three nights out of four

*ate my daily allowance of BlueBell peppermint ice cream

*cleaned my boy's closet and drawers as well, pulling out all the clothes he has outgrown {sigh}

*tried out a new-to-me restaurant with a good friend -- crepes!

*almost finished a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle

*did a leetle bit of sewing

Not a bad start to 2011. If I could just keep up the momentum, it would be a very productive year indeed!


~Michelle~ said...

good grief chica! it's only been 4 days - you've been much busier than I've been, good for you! :)

Karina said...

Wow - you are on a roll. Keep up the good work....maybe it will light a fire under me to get going because I have been slacking off - but enjoying it.

Rhonda said...

Wow, your list is way cooler than mine. I have nothing to compare with that!

Although, I do have a wee little story of my own about Starbucks that I may choose to share with the world someday soonish. :)

Happy New Year!

Heather said...

man, you were busy! Now Im tired from just reading the list ;) but I think its awesome you have a red velvet sofa!!! I looooove velvet. Now hmm....Im still on your FB, right? lol

@nnie said...

You go girl! You have accomplished in a couple of days what some won't accomplish in a week, or a month or maybe even a year. Why am I not surpised? ;-)