Tuesday, June 21, 2011


plus quilt by valerie-in-wonderland
plus quilt, a photo by valerie-in-wonderland on Flickr.

I promise I've been making quilts. Lots of them actually, although they were all gifts. Except for this one -- it's all mine.

I started this one on our Tulsa Modern Quilt Guild quilting retreat last month, forever to be known as the "Rapture Retreat" as there was a good chance according to that old spook that we were all going to be raptured sometime that day. Awesome. Actually, it made for lots of funny jokes all day long.

This is a "plus quilt" top made mostly with fabrics from the "Farmdale" line by Alexander Henry along with a handful of random prints and solids thrown in for good measure. I followed a tutorial very loosely, making my own measurements up so I didn't waste too much of my fabric. It's a generous lap quilt size.

So now to pick out some backing and get this baby quilted before I procrastinate...


~Michelle~ said...

gosh, that looks like a great quilt to use with Dolly... ;)

Lindsay said...


Lisa said...

i loved that fabric line and love the quilt top..i think it will only get better with quilting!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

I love your quilt!! Thanks for the visit and I promise I'll keep posting. We're on our way back to Tulsa right now to finish up the house. Hope all is well with you!