Thursday, June 23, 2011


calla lily by valerie-in-wonderland
calla lily, a photo by valerie-in-wonderland on Flickr.

I'm not known for having a green thumb.

I'm trying to remedy that this summer, although I'm doing so on a very small scale with a few hanging ferns and a little container garden. So far, so good. (Except for the poppies which basically ditched me a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, they went from gorgeous one day to brown and all withered up the next. Guess they don't care for the crazy Oklahoma weather either.)

A month or so ago I noticed a little green poking it's head out of the flowerbed in the backyard, so I started watering it every day. I honestly thought it was more than likely another weed (the only thing I'm good at growing), so imagine my surprise when this little sprout turned into a ginormous plant with three gorgeous calla lily blooms.

Someone else obviously planted it, but as the flowerbed was very unkempt when we moved in, I hope they'd be tickled pink (or rather, a luscious deep purple) to see how she's faring now.


~Michelle~ said...

Ooh, pretty flowers!

I have no idea what Steve did to our garden, but it has gone crazy in the last week or so (actually, I think its all organic at this point, super crazy). All of the veggies & herbs looks awesome. The only thing we're still unsure of is the jasmine we transplanted from a friend's house - the one plant doesn't seem to like the shade, but it still has 2 very bright green leaves on it, so we're leaving it to see if it resurrects itself.

Maybe the difference is that we bought from a garden center, rather than Big Box Orange or Blue... quality product??

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

I'm so jealous! I am so bad about watering things every day so nothing stays alive for very long. That is absolutely beautiful!