Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sending up thanks.

Tonight's bedtime prayer, brought to you by my three-year-old, included the following:

"Day doo, Gah, por my: (Thank you, God, for my):
Papa, Mama, Roro (one of the dogs, Romeo), Mazi, Summer, Tess (Tex, again all of the dogs), Minnie, Ganpah (Grandpa), ReeRee, Rish, (Marie and Rich), Bant, Mehw, Baby Dihdee (Brant, Mel, and Baby Ginny), Baby Tag, Warren (Lauren), BJ, candy, cool (school), and the Bihbuh (Bible). Amen!"

Amen, indeed. If you found yourself lucky enough to be listed in that lengthy prayer, you are a very blessed person (or dog, there are quite a few dogs listed as we have five) indeed. This little guy prayed for each of these things all on his own. I love that.

I love three-year-old prayers.


Karen said...

how VERY sweet he is....those 'em some LUCKY dawgs...

tag's team said...

Thanks to Mr. Man for the prayers tonight! Warms my heart to be included!