Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random. And some more random.

You know you've missed it.

The random, that is.

So here's a bunch for you.


I am officially a soccer mom today.


I'm hoping that the new minivan that comes with this title magically appears in my mailbox. Or something like that.

Not really.

I'm just a soccer mom with a 4Runner, but it still works, even if it's not a minivan.

My kid has been in soccer since age two, but he's been only in little classes. Today, my friends, he is on a TEAM!

They have a team name and everything -- the Cheetah's.

Pretty much all my kid thinks about cheetahs is that they must all eat cheetos and wear big black sunglasses.

Here's hoping he learns to dribble the ball towards the correct goal. Ha.

Make us proud, baby, make us proud.


I like alfalfa sprouts on my sandwiches.


I read somewhere in BlogLand today the best boy cat name ever. Next to Harry, I mean.



Heck yeah, now I want a cat named Ned.

How awesome is that?


My son was being super sweet and stroking my face the other day as we were lounging on the couch. He'd been telling me how much he loves me and thanking me for taking care of him (this was when he was feeling quite a bit under the weather). Then he looked at my forehead and said,

"What those stwipes on you forehead, Mama? Who give you those?"

Awesome. Nothing like a kid to point out your flaws and imperfections. And wrinkles. When did I get old enough to start having someone point out my wrinkles?!

I didn't miss a beat:

"You and Papa." ;)


I know God loves me because last week I was at the grocery store and in the freezer case, there were several half gallons of...

{cue choir of angels and heavenly light beaming down}

...BlueBell peppermint ice cream.

Don't worry, my friends, I showed some restraint.

I only brought home two.


Here's a nice little random video for ya', from my favorite movie of all time.

Saw the movie.
(about a bazillion times)

Took the tour.
(dragged my mom across Oregon to see the film sites)

Bought the t-shirt.
(and hooded sweatshirt of the 20th anniversary)


And with that, the random cup is officially empty. Until next time...


~Michelle~ said...

Congrats soccer mama! I think the 4Runner is perfectly acceptable, when I lived in a swanky memphis suburb during my college internship, all of the soccer moms drove HUMMERS. Um, yeah - can we say unneccessary?? And surely violating some MPG standards?? Soccer mom is also my future, a very distant future, yes. Soccer wife is going to happen soon though.

BTW - little kid soccer is most freakin' cutest thing in the world. And the uniforms just about make me die from the cuteness.

And yes, I agree...Ned would be an awesome pet name. It totally doesn't violate my can't-name-pets-names-I-could/would-name-a-child stance. (Don't you worry, Harry & Sally are in the clear by my rules - I mean really, how cruel would that be to name a kid Harry Fox??)

Pray~and~Wait said...

I love random!!!! :)

mo said...

Team sports can be so cute and so unbelievably funny. I would suggest getting him on a basketball team soon because I seriously thought I was going to split in two at some of those games. Where you leave and your face hurts from laughing. And they love it! That movie is awesome. As far as facial "imperfections" go, I had a kid once touch a mole on my face and ask why I had a nipple there.

The Busters said...

I LOVE your random posts. :) Go Cheetahs!! The thought of your boy on a soccer team is almost too cute to handle. Ned!!! love it.