Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free-motion Series: Quilt #2

I finished quilting my 5th quilt yesterday with my new free-motion foot.

Money spent on foot: $35

Money saved: ballpark estimate of $90 so far
(estimating that 5 quilts times $25 would have totaled $125 already)

I'm seriously loving my free-motion quilting foot. Why I was intimidated by the thought of free-motion quilting for so long is beyond me. Once I tried it and got the hang of it, it was no big deal. Or should I say a big deal since it has rocked my little crafty world!

So I figured I should do a little show-and-tell series of the quilts I have made and quilted all by my little self since I bought the foot only a month and a half ago. You've already seen Quilt #1, so we'll start with Quilt #2.

This one is for me. All for me. Do you recognize what it is made from?

Go here to refresh your memory. (Don't worry. I'll wait.)

It's a fantastic little souvenir from my Little Dresses for Africa birthday party!

When the armholes were cut from the pillowcases, most of the scraps were not usable because they had seams up both sides. But for the scraps that didn't have the seams in them, I saved them, ironed them out flat, and cut squares from them. I also used the scraps from pillowcases that were cut down in length to make smaller-size dresses, as well as the scraps from the extra fabric used for making pockets, etc. for embellishment. In total, I ended up with 144 squares, so I sewed them up in rows of 12.

I love it. Love, love, love it.

And I let my little man pick out the binding fabric. He chose this orange-yellow print from my stash. Pretty good choice if you ask me.

It is super soft since a majority of the squares were from vintage pillowcases, and every time I look at it, it brings memories of one of my favorite days ever.


Angie said...

You've been very busy this summer! I'm impressed.

Into Vintage said...

I am loving your blog! And weird timing but I really want to get a free motion foot -- just haven't made the investment yet. I'd love to hear any tips you might have. :-) -amy

LJ said...

That's exactly why quilts are made! To create memories!! I'm happy you have this quilt to remember such a fabulous time in your life!!
Way to go rocking the free motion quilting!! It's fun huh?

Country Dreaming said...

Love both of them. It's always nice to make something from something else that has a meaning to it.


dobco said...

Oh what fun and such beautiful work. I was on a roll for a while but fell off the quilting wagon and have been catching up on some reading. But you have inspired me to get back on that wagon again!

Lisa said...

very cute! i love that you used what you had! what kind of free motion foot did you find? i still have to get the super glider and the machinger gloves. i think my arms won't hurt as bad!

Kristin Ann said...