Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our favorite summer meal.

Ya'll already know about the mad love I have for Serena and her fantastic website, The Farm Chicks, oh, and her fantastic little cookbook as well (I've got myself a fancy schmancy autographed copy!), so it won't come as any surprise to you that she is the source for my family's newest and absolute favoritest summer meal --

Fish Fajitas.

And yes, I'm old enough and smart enough (by golly) to know that favoritest is not really a word.

Although it should be. It's so much funner (I mean, more fun) to say than "most favorite". I'm sure the folks at Webster's couldn't argue with that logic.

Anyway, you must make these.

You must.

Even if you don't like fish.

Remember, this is coming from the gal who lives in landlocked Oklahoma, a true meat-and-potatoes type of gal. In fact, before these life-changing fish fajitas, I'm gonna admit to you that I had never before purchased fish to cook.

Nope, not a fish lover. So why would I want to buy it?

But as I said, I'm a big Serena fan and trust her judgment completely, so I forged on to the grocery store to buy my first fish. Of course, they didn't have halibut at The Wal-Mart (my fancy-schmancy grocery store of choice), so I settled for some frozen tilapia fillets instead. They were white, so I figured they would pass for a substitute.

Hello, delicious-ness.

Tilapia works mighty fine as a substitute, and these fajitas are TO DIE FOR. For a non-fish eating gal like myself, you can hardly taste any fishiness (again, is that a word?). And I suggest using yellow bell peppers. They are always my bell pepper of choice. And vidalia onions (pronounced "VIE-DAYL-YUH" like good proper Okies say it) as they are the sweetest and bestest. Leave me alone, Webster's. I'm on a roll. Whatever you do, DO NOT leave out the guacamole or the cilantro. They are a must.

Anyway, go make these. You can thank me later. Or invite me over for dinner.


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

I had fish tacos from Elote for lunch today. YUM.


Country Dreaming said...

Looking yummy and I love that fish too.


♥Georgie♥ said...

one word....YUMMY!

Heather said...

You're so funny! I am not much of a fish eater myself unless its deep-fried beyond fishiness (lol, because of that, I cant tell you the last time I've eaten fish. Plus we dont have Cap'n D's any more ;) ) this might be something to consider though....I'm always trying to clean up what I'm eating and looking for light things for summer eating. Because it's gonna be hot as you-know-what this weekend...
Oh, and thanks for the Mad Men vote! Lol, I highly doubt that I'd seriously win but it was fun to do a photoshoot! I put several of my pics on Mama Says Vintage.

Farmgirl Paints said...


@nnie said...

we have fish tacos quite often, with tilapia as the fish of choice. so i'll have to substitute the fish fajitas once in a while. i think the fam will love it! Thanks for the tip.