Saturday, July 3, 2010

The random is back.


My mom offered to babysit for us so we could go see "Eclipse" this weekend. Or rather, my husband told me yesterday that he was going to go see it by himself (while I was home with the boy), and after a "Say, WHAT?!" moment, I asked my mom if she would babysit. I mean, really, what kind of husband does that? Dude, don't you remember that I am the one that has read all the books?! The person going to see the movie should be me, punk, not you. And what kind of harebrained idea was that, us going to see it separately so we wouldn't have to get a babysitter?

Seriously. Men.

The most hilarious part is after the movie when he asked me to tell him how the whole thing goes down at the end of the last book. I am personally not a lover of the ending and found the last book to be super-cheesy, dumb, and way too unrealistic in its ending (although, yes, I realize that expecting realistic out of a book about virtuous vampires and werewolves is a bit far-fetched), but I told him what is to come anyway, and he loved it.


So consider us a house divided.


It's a rainy 4th weekend here.

Not that I am complaining. Sorry to all of you folks that wanted a sunny weekend, but I have to admit, I'm a lover of all days cloudy and rainy. Right up my alley! Not to mention it has been such a refreshing break from the nasty temperatures we were enduring a week or two ago in the high 90's with full-blown humidity. Yuck.


The month of June was unbelievably busy here, capped off with a finale of Vacation Bible School.

VBS wears me out.

I was exhausted.

I was in the "Bible story room" where 25 minutes per class is WAY TOO LONG. But we muddled through it, my partner and I. She did the Bible stories, and I threw in the songs and games. I cannot reiterate this enough: sheer EXHAUSTION. But we did have a good time, and so did the little kidlets.

So I rewarded myself with sitting down and reading yesterday. I cannot remember the last time I avoided everything else (i.e. housework) to read for hours on end, but in less than 24 hours, I've read almost 500 pages. That, my friends, feels awesome.


I'm off to clean the house. And pick up Army "mans". You know, of the little plastic variety.

My boy is all about his Army "mans" 24/7, which means there are always little plastic dudes showing up where you would least expect them. On the back of the toilet. Guarding the windowsills. In my bed. (Oh yeah, I woke up from a nap the other day -- remember the VBS exhaustion, don't hate -- and found I had shared my bed with another fella'. Yipes.) And now our oldest dog has taken to eating them.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

So I am having to constantly be on the lookout for stray militia, to save them from their impending deaths from the four-legged enemy, and to save ourselves from the pricey vet bill that would soon follow if we had to have her stomach pumped.

Awesome, huh?

I know you are jealous.

Now get out there and enjoy your 4th!


dobco said...

Happy 4th! I am getting around to do some blogging. I have missed it but an getting back in the groove. Foot is coming along, but not running marathons yet! At least 4 more weeks before the pin comes out. But if I have to be stuck inside...with the heat...this has been a good time. VBS is always exhausting. This will be the first year in...well forever...that I will not be working. I should really say that I have already done the work for the crafts...and handed it to someone else to see that they get done. I am waiting for my sister to come see me to go see Eclisp. I thought maybe I was the only one that got sucked into that saga!

The Busters said...

Oh my goodness, the thought of all the army men everywhere cracks me up!! Happy 4th!!!

Amy said...

Men is right, hey he was just trying to save a little money, right? VBS is way fun and way exhausting, I agree. I was in the nursery and loved every minute of it but when I went home, I didn't want to do anything else.

mo said...

Your husband would lose man points here! A man seeing Twilight has to protest and then begrudignly go with his wife just to show that he is being supportive. Deep down we know it is a show and they would all see it at some point but round these parts you have to fake it first!I wouldn't worry too much about the army mans- I have seen many a toy more formidable than an army man pass through our medium size dog. Lego anyone?

Rhonda said...

I love the random...especially the bits about Army mans and Twilight. Thanks for the post!

~Michelle~ said...

really...hubs wanted to see Eclipse?? I would have had to do some serious bribing to get mine to go w/'s just easier to arrange a girls morning out (yep, 11:15am yesterday)... my friend set me off right at the end when she leaned over and whispered "you can buy it online" in reference to The Ring...thanks dear friend, for that bit of info! :)