Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wildflowers Photography

Oh my stinkin' heck.

Some people in this world are not only fantastic photographers, but they are geniuses in the composition and creativity department.

Especially this photographer.

I said it once; I'll say it again.

Oh my stinkin' heck.

Check out the "Up!"-inspired photo shoot. Here's Part One. Here's Part Two. Someone needs to invite me to Part Three because I am just drooling over this idea!

And check out the Princess and the Pea-inspired photo shoot.

What about this senior pictures shoot? Anthropologie out the wazoo, a cute bicycle with a basket, and cowboy boots? Check, check, and check! I've got all of that now at the ripe ol' age of 33, but man, if I had senior pictures like that back when I was 17 or 18? Coolest senior ever! (Girlfriend, call me when you turn 33. If you're that cool as a senior, I can only imagine how cool you'll be 15 years down the road! Keep it up!)

And then check out the engagement session for a children's ministry coordinator.

And the superhero baby family session? (Hello, they included my beloved Blue Bell ice cream in their shoot!)

And this vintage engagement shoot?

Oh my stinkin' heck.

(I heard you say it, too.)


sacha said...

you just need to hire her for a portrait session...get it over with:)you know you want to.

shannon said...

those pictures are so cute! I love the Up idea!

rhiannon.eden.victoria said...

love your blog so much! you seem so amazing!

@nnie said...

yep! you're right!
oh my stinking heck!