Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think I need a girl.


I think I need a girl of my own to sew for because this is just getting ridiculous. Too many fun tutorials out there, especially for the little ladies!

So we attended a birthday party last night for one of my favorite little girls who is turning four.

It was the perfect opportunity to perfect my sewing chops on yet another tutorial!

The birthday girl specifically requested a party full of unicorns, so I rushed off to my local JoAnn's and found some super cute unicorn fabric and on sale to boot. I thought it might be hard to find unicorn fabric that wasn't cheesy, so I was pretty excited when I found some that was extra cute.

The skirt came with challenges though. The tutorial was meant for a six-year-old girl although it had directions for all sizes. The first time I attempted it, it just seemed way to bulky with all of that gathered material from two layers, which I also thought might feel way too hot for the summertime as well. Yes, I said "the first time".

Although it killed me to do the right thing, I got personal with my seamripper, took the dang skirt apart, and cut off about 15" of width from both layers before gathering them up again. I shortened both layers a smidge to get them to the finished length of about 11". I also shortened the waistband as well, to help keep it looking the right length for a four-year-old and to help with the weight of the layers. To finish off the look, I ran over to Target, picked up the super cute braided strap lime green tank (on clearance!) and made a little layered felt brooch (a la Kristi, like from the pillowcase dress party) and pinned it on.

Adorable, if I do say so myself. Click on the pictures to see that rainbow ricrack up close and personal. When else would I find the perfect excuse to buy some rainbow ricrack and Punky Brewster it up a bit?

I must be getting older and wiser because I actually took the time to not only prewash the fabric (so it wouldn't shrink on my little friend) but also I finished off all of my seams by zigzagging the edges, so there will be no fraying in the wash either. Oh, my mom will be so proud. Seamripping AND nice finishing touches. Ah yes, maturing in my granny ways...

So you see, I need a little girl of my own to sew for. Either that, or as a party guest wisely pointed out last night, things are great with just the boy because if I had a little girl of my own, there would be no time to sew?!


@nnie said...

you SO need a girl. OR a psuedo-daughter. I have two if you are looking. ;-)

Phyllis said...

Yes, you definitely need a girl!! I can't sew and am not very crafty, but lately I've been having a ball learning new ways to do her hair. SO MUCH FUN! And since I can't sew, I love shopping for cute clothes for her.

sacha said...

i noticed the zig zag seams this morning, awesome. thank you!!!

Matt & Randi McComber said...

For reasons other than those you state, I would highly agree that you need a girl. It's quite enjoyable.

Rhonda said...

I hate the ripper! It is my mortal enemy! Congrats on taming yours!

Baloney said...

Super cute!
If I get a group together to make the pillow case dresses will you help me?

Mrs. Owen of Yorktown said...

Thank you for the props...the dress is lovely. I feel as you do...but Jster says the next one is invariably a boy. He has the issue decided, apparently. :)

Rick rack makes me happy!

Lisa said...

im right there with brother and sister in law just keep getting more and more clothes made by me. I have TWO totes full of girl fabric that will not make a quilt very well!! im thinking etsy shop

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Hi! I happened on your blog for the first time after you entered my giveaway. So fun1 I love your tone and your road trip was amazing. I also adore this skirt. Punkie Breuster indeed! We must have grown up in the same generation.

- Rachel at Stitched In Color