Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Say hello to Vinnie.

He's staying over for a few days while his mother is out of town.

He's pretty well behaved, especially around the other two nincompoops who have yet to show him a warm welcome into our home. Thank goodness he ignores all of the rude hissing and low growls like a champ. Either that or he is part of the cat mafia (doesn't he look like you could say, "Yo, Vinnie" to him in your best mafia voice?) and those two are going down at some point. Ha.

I must admit I have a hard time looking at him without imagining him voiced by Nathan Lane like Snowbell the cat in Stuart Little.

That and I think he kind of looks like an Ewok.

No offense, Vinnie. You're awfully handsome in an exotic cat sort of way.

1 comment:

~Michelle~ said...

You have been a busy busy bee the past few days, huh? Some fun sewing, cute little boy stories, etc. etc. And yes, I think Vinnie looks like an EWOK...