Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I {heart} spontaneity.

Just last week during my daily blog-surfing, I learned of a new-to-me band called "Shotgun Party" via Danielle Thompson's uber-cool blog. Boy howdy if I didn't click on over to their website and find out that they were gonna be in my little neck of the woods on Saturday night! Thank goodness I'm married to a semi-spontaneous guy. He didn't blink twice at my request. In fact, he even helped me plan ahead by sacrificing and taking a 2-3 hour nap Saturday afternoon with the little man since we knew it might be a later than normal night.

Saturday night after dinner we packed ourselves in the car and headed north to one of our favorite places, an artsy little town 45 minutes north. It's a pretty drive from our house to B'ville, especially if you glance out your window to the west where sweeping views of the Osage Hills abound. When we arrived, we had just enough time to drop by one of our absolute favorite summertime haunts and let the boy enjoy a few rides.

If you're an Okie like me and you've yet to venture to the Kiddie Park, oh heavens, you need to drop everything and git' on up there! We love that place! This was our second trip there this summer, and I still had probably half of my tickets left from the first trip up. Being that I had only spent $10 in tickets the first time, that shows you what a bargain it is. 25 cents a ticket, and most rides take only 1-2 tickets. Some rides the parents get to go on free, like the carousel. I think we used up a whopping 5 tickets on Saturday evening. My boy chose the carousel, the biplanes, and the turtle ride (which he thinks is a rollercoaster). I'm fortunate that I have the best little man in the world -- after three rides we had to go so we wouldn't miss the concert, and he didn't complain a lick. Instead he said "thank you for the wides"! No tantrums here. Gotta love that.

So we headed one block over to Frank and Lola's, a fun little restaurant. They were setting up for the music, but it wouldn't start until 9:45pm. Since the boy had taken a ginormous afternoon nap, we were good to go. The waitstaff was so friendly, and they even brought an ice cream sundae on the house for my guy. He was by far the youngest in the house, but he certainly enjoyed the "cowboy music" and toe-tappin' and hollerin' out "YEEHAW!!!" after every song. Who knows what they thought of us, the crazy parents with the five-year-old in tow, but we sure had a good time. We enjoyed fantastic music until about 10:45, when we hopped back in the car and headed back south. It was a church night after all, ya'll...

Sorry for the blurry photo. I don't quite have knack for taking night photos, that's for sure!

Go check out "Shotgun Party" on iTunes when you get a chance. Fantastic. Their music is right up my alley, and I bet you'll enjoy them, too.

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@nnie said...

I {heart} your quirky nature! I don't know anyone else like you, cute and adorable and crafty and passionate and of course spntaneous blog friend!