Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Room for improvement.

I used to avoid making New Year's Resolutions. Then for a few years I thought it was fun, although I am not too sure I stuck with many of the resolutions I had set for myself. Last year, I did quite a bit better. I wish I could remember where I put my list (organization, anyone?), but I do know that I had wished to start cooking more (check!), start exercising more (check, at least for a while), and start saying "no" to a few obligations to get less off my plate (check, kind of).

So what's on the table for 2009's resolutions? Here you go:

1. Treadmill every day. I know that "every day" is not going to happen, but when I set it this way, I'm a little less likely to fall off the wagon versus "3x a week" or something like that.

2. One other form of exercise new to me. Right now Jazzercise is looking fun, or tennis. Of course, tennis is not a solo operation, so maybe not. And I don't always have childcare available. Anyway, something new in addition to the treadmill would be good. (And no, laundry doesn't count, regardless of how many stinkin' times I have to go up and down the basement stairs carrying heavy loads each day.)

3. ALL doctors will be visited in 2009. Eyes, teeth, blessed woman parts, general, skin, you name it. I need to be better about visiting ALL of them every year and not just a few of them, especially now that I am over 30. (Ugh. Look at me, acting like an adult, haha.)

4. Traveling more, if it's financially feasible, of course. The year my son came home (2006-early 2007), we traveled at least once a month. Why? Because he was under two and FREE on the airlines! Since he turned two in 2007, we haven't traveled nearly as much, which is completely to be expected, but I would really enjoy it if there was a teeny bit more travel in 2009 than there was in 2008. Even if it is driving and not flying.

5. Finish up one project a month at least. My unfinished project list is embarrassingly long, so 12 items off the list really isn't knocking off a whole lot, but progress is progress.

6. Less sugar. My husband is diabetic (type II), so we don't need to have much in the house anyways. I eat WAY TOO MUCH sugar. Cutting it out completely won't work, but at least paying attention to how much I consume would be a start.

7. Organize and declutter. We started this a little this past year and got rid of a ton of stuff, but really, I could stand to go back through each and every room and give away MORE. The less I have, the less that has to be organized, and the easier it is to organize and keep it organized.

There you have it. 7 resolutions. The perfect number. Will I be able to keep them all? Probably not. But you can't reach your goals (or strive to reach them) if you don't have any in the first place. And any progress is good progress.

What are your goals for this new year?


Annie said...

No goals... yet... but thank you for getting me thinking about it. oh, and great job in 2008!

Heather said...

happy new year! I didnt make any resolutions...frankly, I wasnt up late enoughlast night to make them! Im just hoping for a bright 2009....