Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two thumbs (er, paws) up.

We took the boy to see Bolt at the movies tonight. In 3-D, no less.

Man, it was cute. I cannot lie. (Of course, I am a woman with five dogs, so I might be a tad biased, although for the record, everyone knows I am a cat lover as well. Yes, we are an equal-opportunity household.) There were many laugh-out-loud moments, especially thanks to the supporting cast of the alley cat and the hamster. (Props to whomever came up with the hamster character, especially his plastic ball that had me cracking up many a time.) I usually let my husband take the boy to the movies for most of the little kid flicks, not that I don't enjoy them, but mainly because I figure at some point, once they come out on DVD, there's a good chance I'll be subject to some mild form of torture in having to watch them over and over and over again. But Disney is smarter than that. Throw in a 3-D version for a couple of bucks more, and I am hooked. I'm a sucker for the 3-D glasses. (Ooh, especially for Harry Potter, at the IMAX. Sheer bliss.)

I'm no Roper or Ebert (those are their names, right?), but I thought it was a good little flick.

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Karen said...

You know, when my hubby says things to me like, "let's do something fun" I get all excited. then when he says, "you know, something fun like take the kids to a movie" - I am not so excited 'cause I know I too will be watching those same movies about a billion times after they hit DVD. But I have to say, we too went to see BOLT and even though those 3-D glasses give me a horrible freakin headache - it was well worth it - and YES the stinkin Hampster? Un yeah, HIL-AR-EEEEE-OUS. Belly laughs I tell ya. and the kids only made it through half the movie so the ending is still a mystery to me so I won't mind watching it once or so on DVD