Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still here.

Sorry for going all MIA on you lately.

Life in a nutshell:
Dog had emergency surgery last week.
Come to find out he is a cancer survivor, bless his little doggone heart.
Vet called it "cancer in a sack" -- got the whole thing, expects normal lifespan for Romeo.
In-law's arrived for a visit, mere hours before the first big party at our house (30+ people).
Next night, another party, this time a formal dinner party, at our house.
Busy church day on Sunday.
Lots of marshmallow making (we're up to 5 batches so far, still 4 more to go, at least).
Google Reader tells me I am behind on blog-reading by 600+ posts. Haha. Yipes. I am sad.
Still have to finish my Christmas shopping.
At least I got started on my present wrapping.
Haven't even begun trekking to the post office to mail all the far-off packages. Hmm.
Love love love the holidays.
But might be ready for the peace and quiet and nothingness that comes in January.

I promise to return in another day or two (after the in-laws have gone back home) to do a real post. For now, there is lots of fun to be had with grandparents away from the laptop. :)


Kori said...

So glad Romeo pulled through and that he is in the clear.

And Girl you sound busy you need a calgon moment.

Karen said...

Party? Did you say party? Glad you're having parties. I am making soap. And Scrubs. And soap and soap and soap... I am tired. time for a little Merry Christmas

Sandy said...

OMG! My heart skipped a beat for a second because I read "Doug had emergency surgery" and not Dog!!

Glad Romeo is a trooper!