Thursday, February 26, 2009

All that and a ball o' wax


That's the sigh heard 'round the world, a sigh of relief from me now that my MacBook is back in my hot little hands, mostly fixed, filled with no-lost-after-all-pictures-like-I-had-stressed-about. Yay.

Just give me a day or two to gather my thoughts, edit a few pictures, and get myself back in the swing of things, and I'll be back to posting with personal pictures!

* * *

Funny things heard 'round the watercooler in our casa:

Boy: I like Sophie, Mama.
Me: Who's Sophie? Your girlfriend?
Boy: Mm-hm.
Me: What do you like about her?
Boy: I like her pitty eyeballs.

There you have it. There ain't nuthin' more attractive than a set of pretty eyeballs. I dare you to use that line next time you are around your one true love...

Boy: A mean boy hit me on paygown (playground) today, Mama. (Not alarming to me, since my boy is sometimes the one dishing out the naughty behavior.) He hit me and my hand died, Mama. My hand died and got a boo-boo.

Obviously we have not yet grasped the concept of death around here. My boy tells me he or something in his little world died on pretty much a daily basis.

Boy: Mama! Cose you eyegasses! (Close your eyeglasses!)
Me: Alrighty...
Boy: SUH-PIZE!!!!! (yelled out as he pulls out his new highly prized and coveted-the-world-over light up seashell wand, Little Mermaid-style, from a McDonald's Happy Meal where he obviously did not receive the "boy" toy)

Boy: Look at me! Mama, I was a baybay (a baby)! I (was) so happy baybay and so smart. (said while thumbing for the umpteenth time through the photo albums of our trips to Guatemala to get him)

...also said during the same photo-flipping session:
Boy: I so coot, Mama! I so coot! (cute)

And this classic, said while I was in the basement doing laundry, and he was leaving me to go back upstairs:
Boy: Nice a meetcha, Mama! (Nice to meet you, Mama!)

* * *

I ordered this card today with plans to frame it and display it somewhere in my crazy little house:

Love that quote. Don't you? (And I love etsy, too.)

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