Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Monday thoughts

Anyone else think that Nadya Suleman, mother of 14 children age 7 and under, bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain famous half of a baby-loving family?

You bet your bottom dollar I'll be watching that interview on Dateline tomorrow night.


My sewing machine finally came back out for a visit!!! Now that it's been serviced for the first time in it's little life, it purrs like a kitten, and is so quiet, in fact, that it keeps on freaking me out. I guess I got awful used to the clanking sounds it made every few seconds.

This weekend I spent time sewing up another little reversible superhero cape, but this time for a girl. I hardly ever get to buy cute little girl things, so I was excited for this one. My son was invited to a birthday party for one of his classmates, so I made her a reversible cape. Surely little girls would love to pretend they are superheroes, too, right? I made it pink on one side with the Superman symbol on it (but in pink and orange instead of red and yellow, so it is for SuperGirl), and purple on the other side with a princess crown, her initial "K", and even a jewel superglued on the crown for a little added bling. I hope she liked it! (I didn't get to see her open it since we had to leave the birthday party early to get home for a night out. We had already scheduled a babysitter for that night before we knew about the party.) But wouldn't you know, it was so cute and I completely forgot to take a picture of it before I wrapped it up? I hate it when that happens.

I also started a quilt top with scraps I had to contribute to my quilting group at church. I say "group", even though it's two older ladies and myself. We're called "Prayers and Squares" (no kidding), and we make little lap quilts to be handed out through a ministry at our church. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a little boy quilt on hand to give out since most of the quilts so far would be better suited for females of any age, although I suppose I should hope it doesn't get handed out for a while since that would mean a little boy was hurting somehow if he needed it.

I also made my February square for the virtual quilting bee I am in. It was my first time to make a wonky log cabin styled block, and I can totally see how those could become addicting. I also think this quilting bee will be a nice switch-up from the swaps I have done in the past as they are a little less work, only having to make a 12" square at a time.

And of course, I can't show you any pictures yet because my computer isn't going to the "doctor" until tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to figure out the issues and get my photo problems sorted out ASAP. I'm just dying to post pictures! Soon, I promise...


I got a fun new shirt in the mail today as well.

It was a prize for a blog contest (which I was actually not the winner of), but the maker had a nice discount for all of us losers (haha) if we still wanted to buy one. It will be perfect for wearing on Valentine's Day (which I am not really a big fan of) and on St. Patrick's Day as well since it is green. And any other day for that matter, since the phrase is pretty appropriate during this recession we've all found ourselves in.


Hope you all are enjoying a nice Monday! I'm off to play outside in this beautiful spring-like weather we've been enjoying for days now. I will be sad to see it go, as will the poor little birdies who have been singing all day. I think they've been fooled...


One Shabby Chick said...

I totally thought that too - I told my hubby when we saw the previews for her "interview" that she really looks like Angelina - funny!

Karen said...

I think she might just bear a resemblance to a crazy person. 14 kids, no job....definitely crazy.
I really wish you had taken a pic of that cape. I bet that thing was so cute. You should make up about 14 more of those. The 14-tuplets could use a little "superhero" to get them through I'd bet. Poor things.

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

Hi Valerie--

Thanks for checking in at the blog and leaving a note! I'm afraid there were way more "craps" than crafts at that place. Fitting term for sure.

Can you believe all that rain we got last night? I thought it was just going to blow through.

I love reading your blog and the way you have lots of random thoughts. Keep it up!