Saturday, February 14, 2009

Returning shortly...

Just dropping in to wish all of you a very Happy V-Day! That's "V" for "Valerie", folks...;)

Also, I promise to be back and better than ever in a few days. My MacBook finally made it to the doctor (one of those geek squad type places), but it is sitting in line waiting it's turn to be fixed. We all know that Macs never have issues, so they only have one Mac fix-it guy out of their whole staff able to work on it. I don't even think it's necessarily a big problem, but my husband and I don't know how to fix it, so off it went. Regardless, I am super excited about finally being able to post personal pictures again once I get it back. I'm hoping Monday or Tuesday they'll call us to come pick it up. Until then I'm stealing my husband's MacBook when I get moments here and there to jump on the Internet.

Hope you all enjoy your day of love. We don't usually do much around here for Valentine's, but instead celebrate the day I first met my son in person -- three years ago yesterday. He was 9&1/2 months old, a whopping 22 pounds, starting to pull up, drooling like a madman, and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. In the adoption world, most folks celebrate "Gotcha Day" -- the day their child came home, but since that day is so close to his birthday, I prefer celebrating "Meetcha Day" instead, especially since I was never a huge fan of Valentine's anyway.

Back in a flash...

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Karen said...

I bet you'll be glad to have your computer back - I couldn't live without mine! And we don't have a backup - I mean really - I think I might die if something went wrong.
We don't do much Valentine-ing either - but it's so sweet you celebrate Meetcha Day - I think he will really love that when he gets older!