Friday, February 27, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Now here is something I can totally get my kicks from -- Vintage Photo Friday! I love vintage photos, and I have several interesting ones in my possession, so this should be fun to do once a week.

First off, I should give you a glimpse into my guest room where several of my vintage family photos reside.

I know, I know. The chair is super cute. I agree. Unfortunately it is not mine, just on loan to me from my wonderful sister-in-law. I'm crossing my fingers that it stays on loan to me for a very very long time because I love it. I was even with her when she bought it, so I feel like it is even more special that way. Anyway, I love my guest room. It's a work in progress, but it is one of the most "Anthropologized" rooms in my house. (I know that isn't a word, but to me it speaks volumes about how I want my rooms to look and feel.) The bedroom set in there actually came via my husband -- while single, he had bought almost a whole household of furniture from an elderly couple in his neighborhood shortly after he built his house and needed to furnish it on a budget. Most of those pieces are long gone now, but I told him the bedroom set will stay for good. It is so cute -- from the 1930s or 1940s (my best guess) -- perfect for this house since it was built sometime in the 1930s. I thought the dresser was an great place to set up my collection of vintage photos, mostly of the women in my family on both sides.

This particular photo is of my grandmother on my dad's side. Yes, grandmother, not great-grandmother. She was born in 1903 (give or take a year or two) in Indian Territory. When I came along she was already in her mid-70s, although that certainly didn't slow her down. She was very active in our lives. My older brother and I went to her house at least once a week, she babysat us quite often for my parents, and she was with us until her mid-90s (I can't remember exactly). My best guess is that this picture was taken sometime in the 1920s. I believe this is her with sisters, although I could be wrong and it could be friends of hers.

My grandmother is the 3rd one from the left. She was quite the firecracker, at least in personality. I never saw her in anything other than dresses, but looking back through her earlier years, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few pictures of her in knickers! I'll have to dig some of those photos out sometime. I love this photo in particular because of the crescent moon. For whatever reason I have a love of vintage moon items and there are a few to be found around my house. In fact, I have a hard time looking at it without the song "Blue Moon" popping into my head.

That was fun! I'll be anxious to do this again next Friday. How about you? Got any vintage photos to share?


Paper Dolls For Boys said...

That chair really is something! I am especially in love with the lamp shade seen reflected in the mirror. :)

I am so glad you are joining Vintage Photo Friday! I adore that photo! The contrast between the jaunty moon and the serious faces on your grandmother and the other women is wonderful!

I have added a link to your blog and will continue to do so on VPF!

Happily Ever After said...

I love the picture of your grandmother. Too cute!

And your guest room looks fabulous! That chair is great!

Looking forward to seeing you this afternoon! :)