Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Silver Linings

Really, I am still alive, just in case you were wondering. Alive and reveling in the silver linings.

*Two weeks away at one of those geek squad places + a MacBook with a few issues does NOT = a fixed computer. Boo. The silver lining? My appointment tomorrow with a friendly individual at the Apple store. I'm hoping for good things, people, good things.

*We found out yesterday that someone stole the number off my checkcard and spent $1500 this past week. Fantastic. The silver lining? We were able to prove our innocence to the bank and were only charged a $50 fee. I'll take $50 over $1500 owed to the bank anyday.

*Last week seemed to somehow bring out the naughtiest of the naughtiest from my boy, especially at school. The silver lining? This past weekend he proved himself over and over by being the world's greatest traveling three-year-old yet again (almost 20 hours in the car total and a whole weekend with myself, my mom, and my two aunts without hardly a peep, AND keeping his cool while around another child exhibiting some less-than-stellar behavior) AND by demonstrating some really nice behavior at school so far this week. Thank the Lord that the phrase "this too shall pass" really did finally apply.

So here's hoping I get some answers at the Apple Store tomorrow. I'd REALLY like to be able to finally upload pictures from Christmas on.

1 comment:

Karen said...

OMG! You're back!
Good luck tomorrow - I L.O.V.E. the peeps at my MAC store - the genius bar totally rocks! Go GENIUS BAR! They have saved me a number of times - I think they will fix you right up too!
Sorry about your dollars - how come you gotta pay $50 for something that was nunna your fault? I'll bet that was a scary experience....
Glad to hear your boy is an angel! See you on Facebook soon - if I can figure out how that works with all that heart giving and such - I am such a dork...