Friday, May 22, 2009

Long weekend ahead

One four-year-old-boy + a twisty-slide + grabbing a pole the wrong way + the last day of school = a long 24 hours for all with the words "broken", "elbow", "hospitalization" and (brace yourselves) "surgery".

Though our Memorial Day Weekend has started off with a memorable bang (how appropriate), I am looking forward to the next few days of catching up on some much-needed zzzzzzzz's and hopefully a tad less drama than the last week and a half brought to the table.

I'll be back to my old blogging tricks in a day or two after I've studied the back of my eyelids for a good long while...

until then, enjoy the start to your own Memorial Day Weekend!


LauraJ said...

Oh gee, poor dears!! Get some rest!

~Michelle~ said...

Geepers! Crazy kid - well, good luck with the healing process - better him than you!

Annie H. said...

My Goodness!

I'll be thinking about you all!