Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things I forgot to post

One of our dear neighbors bought a really fun doctor's kit for my boy to cheer him up from his new one-armed malady. He has been "practicing" on me, and the first diagnosis he gave me (after much poking and prodding)? "You short!" Very funny.


Myself, Lauren, and Courtney at the National Mom's Nite Out (for bloggers, not just moms) in our town

Yeah, I'm a bit behind. Oops. This photo is from May 7th, when bloggers all across the country met up for a fun evening out. I had read about the event on Baloney's blog, and thought, why not? So I recruited a couple of gal pals, and off we went. You know, I'm a funny little creature. I was so pumped up to be there and go and meet other bloggers, but once we got there, I was overwhelmed at the masses and felt like I was right back in high school where I wanted to find the nearest wall to become a flower and disappear. It never fails -- no matter how social and outgoing I have become in my adult life, when placed in a room full of all new (and usually female) strangers, I shrink right back into my little nerdy teenage self and become very intimidated to just go up and mingle with the rest of 'em. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I did not grow up the popular and beautiful teenager, oh, no no no. So I'm intimidated by all the look-like-they-were-the-popular-kids-back-then types and tend to just want to sit back and watch and take it all in, which I mostly did. So if I should've come up to you and introduced myself, this here serves as a late apology, but maybe you won't be too offended now that you got the background on little ol' me. :)

It really was a fun night out, and it was enlightening to see how many other bloggers are from my own community.


And this was the other block I made for our quilting bee. This block was for Colleen -- don't you love the yummy fabrics she sent?

I was quite proud of myself this month -- I actually got both May blocks done and mailed out in plenty of time, instead of at the last possible minute. I'm hoping to carry this "can do" attitude with me into June as well...


Just in case you were needing some adorable candids from the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, here you go...

How much is that Harry in the window?

Watch out for Killa' K and his pouncing. We're full on kitty antics around here.

Glad someone else in this family knows how to appreciate a beautiful quilt.

Harry is 95% crazy antics and 5% cute sleeping baby these days.

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~Michelle~ said...

Aw, look at that little bitty kitty pudgy tummy!! Hehe, I'm such a sucker for baby kitties. ;)

And you have trouble if your little one already realizes you're short - you're going to be hearing about that for the rest of your life!