Monday, June 15, 2009

Craft Hope

Stop whatever you're doing, and go read this post. Not only did "Esperanza" successfully make her first leg of the journey (she's a web star -- check out her picture!), but some of the stories posted about this project are so touching to read. Sewing my first doll sure gave me the warm fuzzies, but that's nothing compared to some of the stories on there. When this project was dreamed up, 30 to 40 dolls were expected -- and in the end 387 arrived on her doorstep. Amazing.

Then make a beeline to this site and join me in signing up for Project #3. I can't knit, but I know I can sew some sort of little baby blanket to send. Surely you can, too? Or heck, sign up and utilize your granny that has mad knitting skills. Or your mom. Or your Great-Aunt Betty. Whatever. Just do it.

God is so good. So very good.

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Annie H. said...

THAT is so totally awesome! Esperanza really is a STAR! To beat out 387 other dolls to get a pic on the blog is indeed fabulous. This is such a neat project. "Neat" is not the word I need to use here. "Incredible" is more like it. Keep it going!