Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is this thing on? (Tap, tap...)

Guess what?

I am still here.

Yessirree, Bob.

But I can't put up my next big post until tomorrow because I need some good morning light in order to take a picture to show you what I've been slaving away on.

So a funny little story will have to suffice.

Oh yes, a funny little story -- funny at the cost of my poor cousin, R, in Texas. God bless her.

She posted this on Facebook tonight:

(Keep in mind she is a teacher, God bless her, and just now settling down to enjoy her few months at home with her two kids.)

"The kids were happily playing, so she decided to clean the fridge. Then she noticed T (her three-year-old son) walk into his room naked from the waist down. Then he brought her his dirty underwear and showed her where he had scooted across the carpet in his baby sister's room to wipe himself (like a dog) and then hid the remaining disgusting evidence under his rug."

Oh man. Ohmanohmanohmanohmanohman.

Remember last year when I was crying my eyes out over my son's potty-training issues?

Yeah, I take it back. I take it all back. Something like this little story would have done me in, ya'll.

Let's all raise a glass to my cousin, R, in Texas. God bless that mama...


Karen said...

oh geez.

that's all I can say about that.

oh geez.ohgeez.oh geez.

oh, and this:

there's nothing worse than poop
there's nothing worse than poop
Hi Ho the Dairy Oh!
There's nothing worse than POOP!

(sorry about the misspellings but I have never actually had to write the song out - I only sing it- and I have no idea how its spelled - and it's late - you get the point!)

amylouwho said...

we had a pooping incident here yesterday too! I'll spare you the details.

Can't wait to see what you have been slaving away on. A quilt along quilt maybe? That's what I've been doing.

Baloney said...

I soooooo feel her pain. My youngest is still pooping in his pants after 1.5 years of "training." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAA!!! (that's me screaming)

LauraJ said...

raising my glass!

Thyen Party of Four said...

Yes indeed - whew - there is a collective sigh of understanding all over the country from each and Mommy who has read this.

Kori said...

ACK! Ok that is so much worse than the time my Jacob finger painted with his cousins on the wall of my Ex's Mother's house with poo.

Ugh.. Yuck I do not miss those days.

Raising my glass.

~Michelle~ said...

See, that's one of those things that makes me NOT want to have kids... that's so much worse than cat hairballs!

Happily Ever After said...

When speaking words of Faith of Claire I shall hereafter specifically include that she shall not do such things.

We were going through Amy's Mom's babybook last weekend, it had 'helpful hints' in the back. It actually said to hold your newborn over the toilet 10 minutes after feeding and wait for the BM! I was laughing quite hard, then realized that would probably be better than cleaning resusable diapers...

Heather said...

Oh no....that is a potty training nightmare! Poor girl!~

karen said...

Ohh smelly! My little darling first born at age 2.5 drove my mother crazy one time she was looking after him because he had dirty diaper when she got him up from a nap but no poop was in the diaper. She could smell it but could not find it and he was not telling her. When I got home I asked him to show me where the poop was and the little monkey crawled under the twin bed and removed the heat vent cover and retrieved handfuls for us.