Thursday, June 25, 2009

A thrifty Thursday

After quilting this morning at church with my ladies, I ran by the thrift store. I only do this once in a blue moon, mainly because that's about as often as I remember to go, and also because it's more fun without the four-year-old in tow. I rarely have luck in any department but the books, and sure enough, today was no exception. But I'm pretty excited about three of my finds!

Here is the first, for $2.50:

(image via Amazon)

The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury is in tip-top condition, a hardcover copy with a book jacket. It is chock full of great kids' stories, including stories such as Madeline, The Snowy Day, Make Way for Ducklings, Where the Wild Things Are, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Bedtime for Frances, The Story of Babar, Stellaluna, Harry the Dirty Dog, and many, many more (44 total). What a great find! Most of these stories are not already in our little library I've been building in my son's room, so I'm excited to start reading through this one at bedtime each night. Brand new this one sells for $26 on Amazon!

Here is the second, for $1.50:

(image via Amazon)

The Children's Book of Virtues, also is in tip-top condition, and a hardcover copy with a book jacket as well. I found the regular version, Book of Virtues, last year at the library on the book sale cart for $1. It is huge -- 831 pages -- and full of poems, quotations, and stories. Growing up I went on lots of little road trips with my grandmother, mom, and aunts, and they were always reading poetry, stories, and such in the car to pass the time, and that's something I'd like to continue with my own family (I can already hear my husband groaning, haha). It's a beautiful book, so I knew the children's version would be special, too. The illustrations alone in this children's version are gorgeous and great for the imagination, and I'm excited to read through this one at bedtime with the little guy as well. Brand new at Amazon this one goes for over $18.

And lastly, I picked up a brand-new copy of Book 3 of the Harry Potter series for $2.75. It still had the Border's sticker on the back for $19.99. I got really into the whole Harry Potter movement after Book 4, so my Books 5-7 are all brand-new hardcover versions (most of which were delivered straight to my door because I was one of the nerds that pre-ordered my copies). Of course, I wanted to pick up the others in hardcover to match, but not for $20 each and up. I was able to score Book 2 on Paperback Swap, Book 1 at a used book store, and now I only need to replace Book 4, and my little collection will be complete.

Ah, I think I'll sit back now and bask in my nerdiness...


Baloney said...

I love books too. REALLY love them. I need to clear the boys bookshelves but just can't get rid of any!

Anne said...

love it when I score a bargain!

mo said...

Those are some great scores. My hubby and I often go to Goodwill or Value Village (pronounced Valoo Vilajjjjje) just to peruse the books. It is a great place to stock up on stuff for the kids but it looks like you already know that!