Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dreams do come true.

Oh yes, folks, dreams really do come true.

In case you haven't heard me say it before, sometimes I feel like I live in a TV sitcom. My sitcom would be a cross between "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Home Improvement", as I feel my husband is a mix of Tim Allen and Ray Romano. You never know what he's going to do next, and he definitely knows how to keep life lively and me on my toes.

Today was no exception.

After months of gentle reminders (I refuse to use the word "nagging" since I did my absolute best not to gripe and whine, but rather maintain constant gentle reminders), my husband finally drove over to the closest tag agency to get license plate renewal stickers. Actually, in our case, it meant getting all new license plates since our state changed the design last year. While there, he sent me a short text message: "I'm going to be on the news."


When he came home, he proudly announced that he was interviewed by one of our city's news stations. Apparently they were doing a report on how the late fees for renewing tags are dramatically rising from $25 to $100. I had no idea of this rate hike when I asked him (yet again) this morning to go get them taken care of. The reporter basically questioned him about his opinion on all of this. Of course, the first thought in my head was, "Great. Now the whole city is going to know that we were late on paying our tag renewals". Leave it to my husband to declare this to the whole city.

But no. He redeemed himself.

He redeemed himself in a mighty way, people.

On the six o'clock news tonight in our little city, my husband could be seen telling the reporter:
"I'm relieved I listened to my wife, who is usually right."

Oh yeah. It's not only printed on the world wide web that my husband thinks I'm "usually right", haha, but it's also on video!

I just knew there was a fairy godmother out there somewhere...

***Update: the TV station has now loaded the video segment to their website, which means there is not only written proof of who is right, but there is video for the whole world-wide-web to see. Mwahahahahahahahahaha...


Rachael Adele said...

That's awesome. I googled the pulled quote, and the news story and your blog are the only two results! Love it!

Mushyhed said...

Yay! Will you be burning that segment on a dvd so that you can have a permanent record of it :0) ?

Karina said...

Keep a copy of that one - I figure you could use it to your advantage for years to come. Maybe a T-shirt with his quote... business cards... Letterhead... endless possibilities.

~Michelle~ said...

hehehe... remember, try to use your powers for good, not just evil ;)

The Busters said...

I just watched the video. I loved it!! That is a moment for all wives to be proud of!! Tell Doug that I agree with him. :)