Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I heart Heather Ross.

For the love of Pete.

I finally got some Mendocino fabric (by the lovely and talented Heather Ross) ordered. And I hate to tell you from where, since it is no other than Crafter's Vision. But let me explain myself:

I wanted a specific colorway (blue/brown/orange), and one of the fabrics specifically (the brown background with the mermaids) had yet to even be found online, other than this dumb site. I also didn't want to pay shipping from several separate places (if I happened to find each at a different site). So I called them back today. Same scenario. No can do -- no phone orders today (yet again). So for the last attempt, I got online and figured out that it would keep my items in my cart all the way through checkout IF I didn't change the amount down to half-yard increments. (Lightbulb moment: items are sold only in yard-increments. I would say "DUH!", but they should have had something set up to not allow anything beyond one-yard increments to be entered into the computer. It was even refiguring up my totals with half-yard increments, so it wasn't exactly obvious that this was the problem.) Fine. I narrowed my seven choices down to three (now that it was going to cost more per fabric since I had to order twice the amount I wanted) and hoped for the best.

Bingo. The following three fabrics are now on their way to my home:

Seriously, I still maintain my opinion that this is terrible customer service, even if the gal I spoke with was very friendly enough. If a customer claims to be having issues several days in a row with ordering online, AND if there is a big old 800-number posted on their website specifically for phone orders, they should have made an exception for me and taken my order over the phone. If they were not going to be accepting phone orders for a couple of days due to heavy traffic on their website, they should have had that posted somewhere.

Ugh. I'll try not to take out my frustration on the mermaids when they finally make it to my house. ;)

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Happily Ever After said...

I must say that you're inspiring me. One of these days, I'm going to have start a quilt of my own. :)