Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day - 1, Me - 0

At the end of Day #1 of the Labor Day weekend, I am sad to report that I have a big fat zero so far on my scorecard.

I haven't picked up the paintbrush in the bathroom, haven't even walked remotely near the playroom, and I have averted my eyes when walking past the guestroom. Yipes, only two days left.

I have, however, gotten four loads of laundry done today, and I helped my mom cut out five bazillion three inch squares and showed her how to make a nine-patch for a quilt project she is working on for Christmas. The plus-side is that she had enough fabric left over that I was able to cut all of the squares out for an identical quilt top for me to keep. Not too shabby, getting a free quilt, although I'm afraid I lost a lot of time today by working on her (and now mine as well) quilt.

At least I labored, right? Tomorrow surely will be a bit more productive. (Oh, and my husband spent his whole day taking all five dogs to the Sloppy Dog Wash after he discovered fleas, which we've managed to avoid all summer long until today. So no Ralph Macchio house-painting either. I guess that leaves his score at 0, too. Aren't we a pair?!)

Off to do another 3 or 4 loads of laundry before bedtime. At least the laundry is getting done...

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