Monday, August 4, 2008

Not impressed. at. all.

Since Friday night, I have been trying to order fabric from a website called Crafter's Vision. They apparently had the entire new line of Heather Ross out -- "Mendocino" -- that absolutely adorable line of mermaids and octopi and seahorses. Hello, I thought I hit the jackpot because I couldn't find it anywhere else online, and here was the entire line, staring me in the face and at super-affordable prices!

So I loaded up my cart with fabrics to buy. However, every time I would load all of the fabrics into my online shopping cart and hit the "checkout" button, it would clear my cart of items and I was not able to check out. No problem, I thought, I will phone in the order to their handy-dandy toll-free number.

Hmm, all weekend, no people to answer said handy-dandy phone line. No problem, I say, I will wait until Monday morning.

Monday morning here, and I call the handy-dandy phone line. Yay! Someone answers.

I would like to place an order for fabric, I say.

We are not taking orders today over the phones, they reply. We had too much traffic on our website this weekend and will be busy filling orders. You need to place an order online.

(Say what, girlfriend?!, I think.)

I tried all weekend placing an order online, I say. It didn't work.

It must be your computer, they say. Something about enabling/disabling cookies.

Fine, but since it didn't work, could I please place my order online? I have all the item numbers handy, ready to go.


Fine, thank you very much for your help. (Not really, I didn't say that.)

I get off the phone, try to enable/disable my cookies like they said, and try once more on the order, this time noticing that many of the fabrics I wanted (and could have gotten Friday night if it had all worked) are now out of stock. Fantastic. No matter, I think, with my bright and cheery still-positive attitude, I will go ahead and order the ones they have and try later for the one I still need.

Nope. It emptied out my shopping cart yet again when I placed my order.

Maybe it's just my own opinion, but don't you think that customer service etiquette would have said, make an exception and please place this nice lady's order? Apparently that's not how they work. Now I am super-frustrated, not able to get the fabric, not sure I even want it anymore since I am so frustrated, and very disappointed in how this was handled. They lost a customer.

Shame on you, Crafter's Vision.


TLC said...

Wow, that is so irritating! You were so nice about it, it's too bad they weren't nice back. Sorry you didn't get your fabric.

One Shabby Chick said...

Bummer! Guess the secret was out on their great deals...I never ordered from them and after hearing your story, I think I'll stick with my Etsy shops - the ladies there are always so great too!

Karen said...

Hey Valerie,
I checked out the site and you will get a kick out of this: Clearly on their homepage it says that "Customer Service is our top priority" followed by "We are here to Help!"
Maybe they forgot? :)

tag's team said...

You know how I am about Customer Service... I have been having a run of bad luck lately...

After being a Customer Service person for 4 years I have pretty high standards, but your story is through the roof... take the order! How hard would it be!

Sorry you didnt' get your fabric, I know you were excited about it!

mo said...

Wow, that is pretty impressive. I can't imagine, crappy economy or not, actually refusing to take someone's money for things I have actually put time and energy into trying to sell. And now that I know how you fared, I won't shop there either. Crazy!!